The Detox Market: Detox Box – SkinOwl


We’ve been playing with the SkinOwl hero products in this month’s box from The Detox Market. First impressions: the Geranium Beauty Drops smelled absolutely divine. The entire box had the floral scent which soon filled our office. It made us that much more excited to actually use it. So onto the reviews:

SkinOwl Geranium Beauty Drops : a “luxurious oil that promises to balance, decongest and combat first signs of aging while boosting radiance.” Quite a tall order for a face oil that is made from only two ingredients: organic argan oil and organic geranium essential oil. The oil was pleasurable to use and did a great job of nourishing skin. We were left a little underwhelmed as a result of the fancy language for what is essentially an organic argan oil topped with a nice geranium scent.

Don’t get us wrong – the ingredients are organic which is the quality level we’d expect, and they do their job well. It’s just a little strange to see so much focus on the brand’s “precise plant-powered formulas” and the founder’s years of cosmetic chemistry education and focus on overnight results, then see it all manifest in a face oil made from argan oil and geranium, a little anti-climatic. Speaking of the geranium, it smells great in the bottle but with natural fragrances, skin chemistry comes into play. It somehow translated into a sweet, mulchy smell on a few of our skin which isn’t great, it smells much better in the bottle. It’s $30 for 1 oz which is pretty fairly priced, the performance is good but it just didn’t blow us away.

SkinOwl Maqui Berry Beauty Whip: In our opinion, this is the star of the beauty box and a product we instantly loved from the get-go and continued to love more with each use. It’s a nice cream that is heavy duty without being heavy textured, and functions as a moisture mask or moisturizer. It’s a nice emulsion that balances between moisture and nourishment with moisture intensive aloe and hyaluronic acid, and skin nourishers like olive oil and jojoba oil. Then you have great antioxidants rich ingredients like DMAE, Rosehip Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Green Tea Extract and White Tea Extract. The namesake Maqui Berry comes in a concentrated form and counters damage caused by environmental stressors.

The Beauty Whip is a genius invention that we love as an intensive overnight mask. At $68 for 2 oz, with really thoughtful ingredients, superior performance and high versatility, this is a total winner.

SkinOwl Beauty Steam: If you’re like us, face steaming is probably not something you do. But you should. Facial steaming helps to relax pores, soak skin in hydration and help follow up toners and serums to better penetrate skin. It’s no wonder that so many facialists swear by steaming as the first step, and the SkinOwl Beauty Steam makes it easy to do at home. The herbal mix is steeped into boiling water, similar to tea steeping. It’s incredibly relaxing to deeply inhale and is instantly relaxing. We aren’t sure if skin is able to actually receive any topical benefits from the herbs in the steam but it feels like it’s doing something.


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