Fall Days at Home

I’ve been on a no-spend kick until the holiday sales, as my beauty collection has grown to the point that I have too many serums and creams, yet only one face. A luxury problem for sure, but a problem just the same. It’s such a great opportunity to explore products I already have, and get to know them better. For…




Lately we’ve been on a fragrance journey, with particular affection to the more transient nature of real botanical perfumes made from a higher-concentration of plants. Sometimes deemed by traditional perfumers as incapable of delivering that encapsulating full-bodied, long wear fragrance experience, we’d implore you to venture into this growing territory of new natural perfumes that replace heady cloaking with a…


Labor Day Weekend Sales Picks

I know, I know, it’s been a while! There’s some good news that I’ll share soon on some things I have been working on. In the meantime, I found myself partaking in some Labor Day sales and thought I’d pull together one of my tried-and-true sales picks lists of the sales I am shopping, and what I’m getting. Materiae: 25%…


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