If you’ve been reading Garçon’s World, you’ll know that we’ve been stanning for everything DECIEM since the beginning. DECIEM is self described as an umbrella of unique beauty brands that does everything others don’t do. Some of the brands you’ve seen featured on here include NIOD and AB Crew, while others include the nutraceutical line Fountain, diffusion line Hylamide, and newly launched budget line The Ordinary. DECIEM, based out of Toronto is one of the quickest growing companies in the beauty industry with a reputation for disruption, as their tagline “THE ABNORMAL BEAUTY COMPANY” would immediately indicate.

True to their iconoclast principles, during a time when South Korean products are trending in the West, DECIEM has chosen to pull a 180, going straight to the heart of Seoul to launch their first store in the super hip Gangnam district (popularized globally via Psy’s Gangnam Style).


As DECIEM’s first foray into the Asian market, the location couldn’t be better. Seoul is the base of the South Korean beauty movement and the Gangnam district is the capital where all things vanity are concerned as it’s host to one of the most densely concentrated clusters of plastic surgery centers and beauty meccas in the world.

The store is in line with other international locations from the sparse, minimalist design to the white tile backsplash. Those interested in the newly opened Seoul store can visit here:

34-4 Apgujeong-ro 12-gil



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