Worth it: LUZERN LABS Force De Vie Pure Oxygen Cream Luxe


Have you ever had a product so good that you stopped using it? Sounds counterintuitive but hear us out. LUZERN LABS FORCE DE VIE PURE OXYGEN CREAM LUXE ($175 – 2oz) is as good as its name is long. So good that it was a challenge to continue using given the urge to savor and prolong having the cream in our lives for as long as possible that we actually moved away from it for a few months. In it’s place during those months were moisturizer upon moisturizer that ranged from decent to pretty good but just couldn’t hold a candle to this cream.

Where to begin? First the cream is that perfect balance between being a moisturizing skin drink and barrier cream where it doesn’t block out pores nor make your skin feel “suffocated” but does help provide a barrier while a good chunk of the formula feels like it’s actually absorbing and feeding deeper into the skin. The texture can best be described as velvety, like a nice fluid yoghurt that is rich with nutrients but light enough to be a drink.

Force De Vie means Life Force and the luxe version is the standard, OG version (for those who want a cream that is more balm-like in texture, get the INTENSIVE version), which should work for all skin types (including dry AND slightly oily). The Life Force comes from a combination of oxygen, Co-Q10, Vitamin C, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, alongside the signature Luzern Labs bio-suisse plant extracts, in combination with lipids and ceramides that nourish and help the barrier and hyaluronic acid that packs in the hydration. Oxygen really helps to bring life into cells, Co-Q10 is helpful for cell metabolism energy, Vitamin C builds collagen and brightens the skin.

For those who don’t know, Luzern Labs is a very clean brand that uses mostly natural and where possible, certified organic ingredients. There aren’t bad ingredients in Force De Vie, in fact, this moisture cream doesn’t even use phenoxyethanol as a preservative which is the top paraben-alternative. From first use you’ll be able to tell how luxurious this cream is, and it has a subtle fresh botanical smell with just a hint of something a little milky, most likely from the Milk Lipids and Honey – seriously, how lush is this!?

Beyond instant moisture that lasts, in a way that is not too heavy but sufficient, this cream is genius for the way it works. The active component seems to work underneath where it counts so the Vitamin C and Co-Q10 build out collagen and brighten the complexion, while the barrier actives like milk lipids seem to smooth the surface and make it feel very comforted.

We test products day in and day out, and most luxury moisturizers fall short. Luzern Labs Force De Vie Pure Oxygen Creme Luxe is the definition of what a luxury moisturizer should be (perhaps why they’re known to especially convert longtime La Mer fans) from the ingredients to the results, the fact that the formula is very clean is an major bonus and testament to the innovativeness of the creme. 


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