Work(Out) from Home: 5 Trainers to Follow on Youtube

Even the most dedicated gym-goer can attest that it can take quite a bit of motivation on some days to visit the gym. Thanks to technology, now we can all get access to some of the best personal trainers from the comfort of our own homes with the rise of the YouTube workout stars.

Whether you’re looking for a change in your routine, or you’d rather avoid the rush hour gym crowd or you’re just not in the gym mood and would rather work out from the comfort of your own home – we’ve scoured Youtube to bring you these 5 fitness stars who will keep you sweating:


We first discovered HASFit at fashion week, when several guys backstage were talking about following along a guy on Youtube to get their bodies in shape.


Diego Villarreal swears by HASfit. Photo Credit: Vogue Paris

“I do these videos on YouTube, which I recommend to everyone because they’re quite easy. They’re called HASfit and it’s this Polish guy who just tells you what to do for ten minutes, and you’re sweating like a chicken afterwards.” – Diego Villarreal, as told to W Magazine

HASfit features regular workout updates and plans for performance on all levels from beginners routines to MMA fitness guides all for free. Most of the videos can be done from home without the need for additional equipment. The High Intensity Interval Training workouts are our favorite and Coach Kozak pushes you through the entire way.


FitnessBlender is run by a husband and wife team who have shared over 500 full length workout videos, with new workouts posted every week. Their workouts are targeted so there is always something for everyone from fat burning cardio to an upper body workout for shoulders, or you might switch gears and try their total body stretch for stress relief.

The content is always engaging, comprehensive and insightful which may explain how this duo has accumulated over 3 million subscribers to date!

Millionaire Hoy

If you need your trainer to keep you engaged throughout the workout, look no further than Millionaire Hoy. This is the channel to go to for high energy workouts that condition and tone. We especially love the ability to keep track of progress with on-screen guidance in the form of progress meters, burned calorie estimates, and countdown timers, & real time rests – making his channel one of the most detailed oriented & precise.

Zeus Fitness


Grant at Zeus Fitness goes hard! Although there are workouts for beginners, it’s his burn out and fat burning videos that keep us coming back. While the videos are free, those who want more content can purchase membership from his website for access to programs, supplements and blog posts full of tips.

The Body Coach


Started in 2015, Joe Wicks- The Body Coach posts weekly videos focusing on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). The Body Coach is holistic – besides fitness videos, Joe has also written two books: Lean in 15 featuring 100 recipes and more workout tips, and Lean in 15 – The Shape Plan that focuses on eating and training to build lean muscle while burning more fat.

Photo Credit: Attitude UK

Photo Credit: Attitude UK

Combined, these channels offer workouts that can be fit to every goal whether you’re looking for high intensity interval training or cardio training, set to the perfect soundtrack to get you moving, with options that match the time and difficulty level you want – they’ve virtually eliminated any excuse for not working out. So next time you’re in a hotel or coming home from a long day of work, just fire up your Youtube app and work in a good sweat in the same amount of time it’ll take for your Postmates delivery to arrive.


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