A Few Winter Skincare Highlights from London

Greetings from London and happy 2018! I thought that with a new year should come a post on the new products that I’ve been using regularly to get through Winter.

The Agent Nateur N ° 3 DEODORANT is somewhat of a rediscovery. While our GW staff has a full review on the original Agent Nateur deodorant (read here), this remained a new-to-me product. The scent is a crisp unisex blend of lavender and eucalyptus that feels very refreshing and clean. I’m really picky when it comes to deodorants. This is leaps and bounds better and more sophisticated than any of the natural deodorants I’ve used.

Glossier just launched a few months ago in the U.K. and I was able to get a couple of their skincare products. My favorite is the Super Pure serum. This serum is both hydrating and soothing, meant for “freaked out/stressed” skin. There are two main actives: Niacinamide circulates out impurities and provides soothing action to counter redness while Zinc clears out pores and balances sebum. This serum is great for sensitive skin and acne prone skin. I tend to go heavy on layering moisture products during winter and it can often cause my skin to freak out, so this was perfect.

Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator is a lovely organic mist that relieves the stripped, tight feeling when skin is dehydrated in the Winter. This mist is a brilliant cocktail of herbal goodness that delivers humectant-rich, hydrating comfort. I’ve found myself reaching for this all the time, even taking it with me to the gym and office.

I felt the need for something a little more “serious” for my eyes this winter. I feel most fatigued around my eyes. Creams and serums don’t really seem to be helping. I’m attributing it to the weather and perhaps keeping irregular rest hours. Onomie A.C.E. Illuminating Eye Treatment has been a life saver because it merges the effects of a highlighter with the performance of a serum. This treatment contains 10% Vitamin C to brighten, alongside anti-aging Vitamin A and emollient Vitamin E. Reflective mineral pigments mask dullness and dark circles, instantly waking up the complexion. Genius.

REN Radiance Perfection Serum is a new find from one of my favorite brands that I’ve been using for over 10 years. The serum delivers “radiance” from brightening Vitamin C, Licorice and Wild Canadian Rumex, and the inclusion of hyaluronic acid plumps skin. This also has magnesium which is a great multifunctional mineral for skin. Keeps skin looking fresh and hydrated during winter while undoing sun damage and pigmentation from summer. Total winner.


Hope you all liked this round up. Leave us a comment if you’ve tried any of these skincare picks!

Write by: Nikola K | Photo: GW



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