Weekend Skincare Regimen: Jan/Feb 2018

Weekend update… skincare regimen for winter

My skin gets pretty high maintenance during the cold winter months. I switch up products every day based on how my skin is feeling. Too dull and lackluster? Glossier Super Glow to the rescue. Too parched? Aesop Blue Chamomile Facial Hydration Masque will do the trick. I treat my skincare regimen like my wardrobe, adapted for the weather and how also I’m feeling at the given time. Weekends though, are a little different. In late 2017 this idea of self-care really permeated influencer lingo. Weekends, to me, are all about self-care. Therefore, my weekends are less about cause-and-effect skincare treatments but rather focused upon totally inclusive, multi-step treatments that take away whatever damage and poor decisions I made during the week.

I always start with a nice thorough cleanse. The new Odacite Green Ceremony Cleanser is perfect for setting a clean slate for my self-care ritual, in fact the word ceremony is even in it’s name. One scoop of the powder activates the bubbling matcha tea cleanser, but I scoop a little more and then apply with a brush to create an instant mask that deeply clarifies my skin while beginning the infusion process of antioxidants from the matcha that immediately reverse free radical damage while high chlorophyll content detoxifies skin. 

The masks

After about 2-3 minutes, or however long it takes the mask-cleanser to dry, I rinse off the Green Ceremony Cleanser. The coconut surfactants do a great job at really making skin feel clean without being stripped. With my skin totally bare, I follow with SKII Facial Treatment Mask to infuse skin with a high concentration of their exclusive Pitera active which increases hydration and skin suppleness. The fluid is exceptionally good at penetrating skin quickly. The heavy cotton sheet prevents moisture loss. After 15-20 minutes, I remove the mask before it dries out and squeeze the last remaining formula over my neck and hands.

Then I follow with Nuori Supreme Moisture Mask (full review). This combo helps set my skin up for total moisture. The creamy mask is light yet packs quite a punch of hydration with hyaluronic acid, grape and damask rose waters, and squalene and betaine which strengthen skin barrier function. I first used this mask after a 20 something hour non-stop flight from Hong Kong to New York, and even in my sleep deprived, jet lagged state, immediately fell in love with how beautiful this rich mask worked in bringing my skin back to life. The scent is also very clean and refreshing.

During the week, the Nuori Supreme Moisture Mask works well as a last step, overnight moisture mask. But since it’s the weekend, I keep going. I lightly rinse off this lush mask and follow with Sunday Riley Good Genes for a deep weekly exfoliation. The lactic acid helps keep my skin clear of congestion and clogged pores in light of all the lotions and potions I’m applying to keep skin well moisturized during winter. I always notice a next-day glow with Good Genes thanks to the inclusion of brightening licorice and lemongrass. It also balances skin pH which is just advantageous overall to ensuring skin barrier health, which is responsible for keeping skin from behaving erratically.


This step is for the heavy-hitting products. Vitamin C is always a good idea, it brightens and tones skin while stimulating collagen. But there are so many Vitamin C serums on the market that are useless due to poor packaging or formula. Enter Beauty RX Triple Action Vitamin C serum created by Dr. Schultz which contains three forms of Vitamin C to brighten, and provide broad anti-aging benefits. This highly concentrated Vitamin C serum is also formulated with an ester-based delivery system which enhances penetration and protects the Vitamin C from losing efficacy. Finally, the inclusion the hyaluronic acid and glycerin help mitigate any dryness that may result from the use of topical Vitamin C.

I give it about a minute to work it’s magic on my skin. Then I break out my favorite power combo: face mist and face oil. Always do these together! Right now, I’ve been enjoying the Herbivore Botanicals Rose Hibiscus Mist which delivers a powerful spray of hydration that feels instantly gratifying. The coconut water, rose water and aloe vera base is just so perfect for giving skin that comforting hydration and primes skin perfectly for oil.

The face oil I’ve been using is Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum. This iconic face oil uses 22 organic and wild-crafted ingredients, and really needs no introduction. I like that it uses grape seed oil as it’s first ingredient because it’s a very light and quick penetrating carrier oil that sinks into skin quickly without any greasiness. I highly recommend face oils that use grape seed oil as a base for men and anyone with oily skin (or those who are still fearful of oils). Pared down or as part of a multi-step routine, this oil is wonderful for boosting overall skin health. I follow the press-push method of saturating my skin with the glorious organic botanical oils. Tip: take a moment during the process to take in the rich aromas from bergamot, jasmine, rose, neroli and lemon essential oils, it is d-i-v-i-n-e.

I follow the same procedure for my body with Immunocologie’s Body Serum. The dry body oil is sprayed onto skin which makes application a breeze. It manages to be both light to the touch yet intensely rich in soaking my skin with nourishment. There is a really restorative herbal scent that feels like you’re massaging something very pure and medicinal onto skin, and the results are fantastic.

Moisture creams

When I’m doing my face, I always make sure that I pat some serum/face oil around my under-eye area. Then I go over with an eye cream. There have been a lot of eye creams that I’ve really loved lately but the Immunocologie Intense Eye Creme is the one I’ve been turning to for that deep nourishment and comfort. It’s a rich cream texture, made from raw plant actives that stimulate circulation to reduce dark eye circles and puffiness, and provide lasting relief for fatigue with reparative minerals and antioxidants.

The Whamisa Organic Flower’s Water Cream seals the routine. This airy textured cream described as a “whipped-soufflé” moisturizer is made from 95% organic ingredients which are naturally fermented for improved efficacy. A K-Beauty staple, this Rice Extract and Aloe based moisturizer forgoes water as the main ingredient, instead packing it with vitamin rich plant extracts like Natto Gum and Green Tea.  It’s both light and moisturizing, serving as the perfect protective barrier cream to keep moisture locked in.

As the last step, I use a jade roller to boost circulation and help with the absorption of layered products. I prefer to use a roller that has a large and small roller for the face and eyes. For relieving puffiness and tension, keep the jade roller chilled before use and just press it around the under-eyes and slowly roll over any tense muscles.



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