The Summer Post-Travel Health Tonic with Bee Pollen & Sun Potion Superfoods

Sorry for the lack of posts. There’s a lot of great stuff in the works including a really good post from The Green Derm that is in edit right now. In the meantime, we shared this tonic for post-travel wellness that we’ve been imbibing since returning from a few weeks of traveling.


Here’s how to make it:

🍉Instead of water, pressed watermelon juice which is rich in lycopene, Vitamin C and electrolytes. Keep chilled to cool off for summer.🍉

– 2 scoops Sun Potion MATCHA for antioxidants, immunity and energy
– 1 scoop Sun Potion HE SHOU WU for improved stamina, enhanced immune function and rejuvenation
– 2 scoops Sun Potion GREEN ADAPTOGEN made from high energy suma and maca mixed with purifying chlorella to filter out pollutants and heavy metals for sustained energy levels and promoting overall wellbeing.

Slice 1 whole banana and 5 scoops mixed berries for taste and full antioxidant support.

Blend on high for 1 min.

Sprinkle🐝Bee Pollen🐝, the most complete source of energy restoring B vitamins and protein (often used by pro-athletes for recovery) and you’re set.

Drink fresh to reap full benefits of activated superfoods.


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