The Nue Co. Mind Energy Review: A Fragrance Supplement for Brain Fog?

What is Mind Energy? Over the past year, countless wellness studies have indicated that people generally cite stress, sleep, and mental function as their top issues. I personally don’t think these issues just arose, I think they’ve always been there, but with the shift to conscious self-care, we’re perhaps finding the vocabulary to vocalize these major issues. The Nue Co.…


EAT LIKE HIM: The Patrick Schwarzenegger Fridge

Our newest pandemic-obsession has been scoping not just beauty routines, but also internal wellness routines. After all, scientists have been telling us since the beginning that most of outer beauty actually comes from within. So, when we saw Patrick Schwarzenegger’s gym and fridge tour on Men’s Health, we took notes. The Sauces: Truff Hot Sauce: First up, Patrick is a…


5 Habits To Incorporate For Better Skin

When it comes to skincare, everyone has their own philosophy for what works and what doesn’t. Every season, there is a new miracle ingredient (snail slime, things that are blue colored, a special seaweed harvested by monks in a monastery, so forth), and every soundbite is contradicting the next – why you shouldn’t be cleansing/why you’re not cleansing enough! But…


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