Sundays at Home

Greetings lovely readers! It’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve been working a lot on the writing side, which is great, but it has limited the time I have to write on here. I thought I’d check-in with a quick chill Sunday at home routine. Tech Firstly, let’s just get the tech out of the way. As an…


Skincare for the Bomb Cyclone

I have no idea how I used to take care of my skin during extreme chills. ‘Bomb Cyclones’ are a recent phenomenon we’re having a few times every winter in the East Coast. It’s basically an outsized winter storm meets blizzard, and thunderstorms that dumps massive amounts of snow. As my partner and I prepared for the bomb cyclone weekend,…


My Holiday Sales Picks

I gotta be honest, each year the holiday sales start earlier and get increasingly confusing. I started receiving emails as far back as September, and many of you messaged me around October to see when or if I’d be writing my usual holiday sales guide. I know that great deals coming at you over this period can aggravate a pretty…


The Nue Co. Mind Energy Review: A Fragrance Supplement for Brain Fog?

What is Mind Energy? Over the past year, countless wellness studies have indicated that people generally cite stress, sleep, and mental function as their top issues. I personally don’t think these issues just arose, I think they’ve always been there, but with the shift to conscious self-care, we’re perhaps finding the vocabulary to vocalize these major issues. The Nue Co.…


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