The Supplement Top Shelf

The idea of spending $$$ on serums, and leaving supplements as an after thought doesn’t make sense. The research is conclusive that the things we ingest play a bigger picture in our overall health, and while we don’t discount the power of a really epic serum, at the end of the day it seems a bit daft to distill one’s…


Edo Jao’s Superfood Top Shelf

When it comes to nutraceuticals, we trust LVMH Fashion Executive, Edo Jao. His self-care rituals feature the most luxurious skin potions and body tonics, developed through personalized expert advice from industry leaders.  We were fortunate to take a small peek into his top shelf of nutraceuticals and unsurprisingly, took away a lot of knowledge that we’re happy to share on here…


Superfood Spotlight: SUN POTION Anandamide Bliss Alchemy REVIEW & GIVEAWAY

Our latest Winter discovery is from organic superfood line, SUN POTION, known for sourcing the most nutritionally abundant transformational foods. ANANDAMIDE is one of their superfood blends, referred to as a “Bliss Alchemy”. Why is this important for winter? Because getting through winter can be difficult. Research has shown that everything from the lack of sun to the cold weather…


The Morning Tonic Courtesy of Edo Jao

“Growing up, I learned many rituals from my mom. She always started each morning with warm water and royal jelly, I’m uncertain if there is significant direct benefit or if it is rather the mentality behind the act of self-care that ends up being the greatest benefit but people have thought that my mom and I were siblings since I was in…


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