The New Gold Standard: Organic Super-Naturals

We’ve made no secret of our love for luxury green beauty. Beyond their clean ingredients and unique formulas, many green brands are disrupting the industry by doing things their own way to stay true to their vision. In a high-end space that used to be reserved for legacy brands with lofty press budgets, such as La Mer and La Prairie, buyers are turning their attention more and more to these new-age brands that emphasize performance alongside holistic wellness. Not only will there not be a single paraben or synthetic fragrance, these brands are shunning the way business is done, instead focusing on an authentic message and quality driven, sustainable growth.

The New Gold Standard represents the organic super-naturals, a class of green beauty so ahead of the curve that they redefine how skincare is done. Made with hand-picked organic ingredients of unmatched quality, designed to be the cornerstone of any top shelf and flawlessly executed for truly impressive performance; here are a few of our favorite organic super-naturals.

The Luxe Queen 

Tata Harper Honey Blossom Mask

The eponymous line from Columbian born, Miami/New York jet setter – Tata Harper, is as green as the translucent bottles they’re packaged in, with each product made directly on her farm in Vermont. Tata Harper is knows her audience, the high-end shopper who has become increasingly health conscious. Think former La Mer devotees who jumped ship with the wellness movement. This is likely the go-to for the client who still does her shopping at her high-end department store, where the associates on the floor know her by name, she also is likely to spin, read GOOP and has already replaced her 3-a-day Starbucks habit with organic cold-pressed juices. Everything from the smell and texture of Tata Harper’s indulgent creams and serums will be familiar and inviting to the established luxury crowd with the added bonus of using high quality organic ingredients and that’s precisely when Tata Harper has taken that world by storm. The Honey Blossom Mask is a limited edition release with a run of 9,500 units, made with actual honey harvested from Vermont. A more hydrating take on her original cult fave Resurfacing Mask, the Honey Blossom Mask is absolute nourishment and refinement for the skin with genuine ingredients. It’s sold-out limited run demonstrates that green beauty can utilize rarer ingredients without mass production to be successful.

The ‘It’ Girl


Stylist Jena Covello’s line Agent Nateur is a true extension of who she is. Her eye for style is apparent from the visual cues of her photogenic product packaging, and each product is formulated at Hotel Costes in France where she draws her inspiration, and then made by hand at her home in LA. Her original deodorant was a game changer for luxury deodorants (read our review here). It’s rare for one product to earn fans that include holistic health warriors to fashion models to Instagram influencers, and that’s the feat Agent Nateur has achieved. Holi(Man) marked a direct outreach to men with a scent that could easily by mistaken for a Tom Ford Vetiver fragrance. Agent Nateur is steered by Jena’s advocacy and passion for wellness, shunning not just bad chemicals but also transparent about the quality of natural ingredients that are used, including no GMO’s; and their products are always original, looking like nothing else on the market. This brand is proof that an authentic connection helmed by an effortlessly cool woman with a vision will go further than a mass brand with a huge press budget, and that is exactly why Agent Nateur has reached such a widespread audience.

The Cult Line

In Fiore Vitale Toning Floral Essence

In Fiore is the quiet cult line that has been around since the late 90s before the green beauty and wellness movement even became a thing. The line is the closest one can get to a spiritual experience from skincare. Drawing inspiration from old world apothecary and alchemy, In Fiore remains focused on the individual experience, whether it’s sourcing the most divine jasmine oils from India to reinterpreting traditional Japanese cleansing techniques. The iconic red bottles transcend simple result based observation and should equally be considered an art form of botany for the skin. The amount of beauty from this line is incredible from the bewitching scents to flawless textures. Yet, they also mean business. Vitale Toning Floral Essence is a detoxifying juice fast for skin that increases absorption rates of serums and moisturizers. The smell is pure plant medicine, and the tonifying benefits begin immediately from hydrating skin to replacing that mid-day uneven dullness and shine with a refined glow thanks to the high concentration of toning flower extracts that protect skin and stimulate circulation. We can easily imagine Vitale being the result of a secret recipe reserved for royalty, unearthed from antiquity – such is the alluring timeless appeal of this powerful tonic. In Fiore’s mantra is a “baptism in fresh, vibrant blooms” a most sumptuous and apt description for a one of the most special and unique lines in existence.

The Disruptor Innovator 

YÜLI Ambrosia Beauty Nectar. Organic farming and Silicon Valley may seem like a dichotomous notion, but they come together harmoniously in YÜLI’s line of scientifically innovative formulas that incorporate fresh, bio-dynamically cultivated raw plant material. Hailed as the next generation of modern skincare, YÜLI is all about disruption with a laser focus on uncompromising performance. There is a common question within natural skincare which is “But are they as effective?” and YÜLI has made a game of shattering that misconception by continually introducing game-changing products that outperform everything else. Take their latest Ambrosia Beauty Nectar, a cutting edge serum with 17 hyaluronic acid technologies, vegetal placenta tissue, pharmaceutical grade antioxidants & epidermal growth factors. This type of advanced technology is rarely seen, much less all bottled into one serum and then delivered within a overachieving clean formula. So is it effective? Ambrosia is being used by international plastic surgeons and dermatologists for post-procedure recovery, with patient demand for Ambrosia outpacing that of clinical standard bearers like Skinceuticals. And despite YÜLI’s preference for quiet, organic growth, their approach for disruption is clearly working: Ambrosia Beauty Nectar’s pre-launch broke their website on a few occasions and has amassed a pre-order list of over 7,500 clients at last check.

Photo & Words by GW Team


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