The GW Valentine’s Day Beauty Edit: Gold & Gems Edition

Earlier this week, we shared our rose-based beauty product favorites for Valentines, today we bring our gold & gemstone favorites.

  1. Tatcha Gold Camellia Beauty Oil : An antioxidant rich face oil with a base of rich emollient olive-derived squalane, silky camellia oil (the green tea plant), along with rice and algae extract. This concentrated oil serum is based on Geisha beauty secrets and contains actual 24K Gold Flakes that bring a glow to skin.

    2. Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask: A luxurious anti-aging mask that promises lifting and firming action from caffeine and magnesium, this mask looks like molten gold. Two forms of gold from 24K Gold extract and colloidal gold suspension impart radiance and restores elasticity.

    3. Lina Hanson Global Treasures Balm : For the perennially dry skinned, balms are the answer. These super moisturizers immediate provide relief to dry, flaking and chapped skin. This balm by celebrity make-up artist (who counts Ewan McGregor as a client) Lina Hanson is as high quality as it gets. No synthetics, no fillers, just pure, organic plant oils and butters that melt immediately upon contact. Matcha and coffee firm and awaken skin, the beauty balm also contains pearl extract that evens skin tone and 24K gold flakes that impart brightening and circulation.

    4. Goldfaden MD Doctor’s Scrub : A microderm exfoliator that uses ruby crystals that renew skin. Unlike many exfoliators that use environmentally damaging plastic microbeads or abrasive apricot granules, these ruby crystals are refined to an ideal spherical shape to exfoliate in a safe manner. Hyaluronic Acid brings in moisture and seaweed extract provides antioxidant protection for your new baby soft skin.

    5. YULI Harmony  : Hailed as a best in class body oil by beauty bloggers, this organic line with a cult following (multiple products in their line were mentioned on the “2016 Best Of” list of 3 out of the 4 bloggers in our feature) has a seriously divine body oil for even the most finicky: no gluten, no nut-oils (for all of you allergic to Argan Oil which is in everything oil based these days!), no photosensitizing oils. Beyond that the ingredients look better than most face oils and the oils are aged through a triple infusion process with flowers and herbs as well as gem stone essences of Jade, Rose Quartz and Amethyst that energizes and refines the concoction on a molecular level to penetrate more efficiently into skin for increased potency.

    6. Sjal Mineral Kalla Energy Tonic : This mineral enriched face mist comes from a gem-based line that promotes the spray as an energy tonic citing the high vibrancy levels of gemstones. Beyond the energy and vibrancy, the mist contains a hydration complex that boosts hydration levels by up to 300% as well as herbs such as ginseng that improve cell energy over a rose water base. Gold and Silver purify and heal skin while providing electron balance to stimulate cell metabolism.


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