The Evening Fragrance and Skincare Routine for a Night of Rest and Relaxation

Spring has sprung…

And nothing makes us more excited than layering fragrant products made from actual flowers to promote peace and ease in the evening. It just seems to blend with the lighter, more enlivened Springtime air. While layering fragrance at night is understandably not for everyone, it’s a custom that many including Cleopatra practice. These subtle, plant-based fragrances will be sure to serve more as a lulling background number rather than commanding center attention so you can effortlessly drift off to sleep.

The Tech: NuFace Trinity with Attachment for LED Treatment

The NuFace LED Treatment is an attachment that can be switched out with the microcurrent head. It is designed to help with fine lines and wrinkles. The technology uses pulsing red light therapy which kickstarts healing, is scientifically shown to increase collagen and elastin production, and reduce inflammation. This technology is used in cosmetic practices to treat acne scars, and promote faster healing after procedures like vampire facials and microneedling. While the NuFace LED treatment is in theory less intensive than the machines at the doctor’s office, it is a wonderful at-home treatment because you can do it daily so the results are stacked.

We prefer doing this treatment immediately after showering, and prior to applying any serums. For those who already have the NuFace microcurrent handheld, there is also an option to just purchase the LED treatment attachment.

Deodorant: Corpus Third Rose

Not only is this deodorant completely natural, made with the actual plants called in the fragrance profile, and aluminum/baking soda-free, it’s also the perfect strength. Third Rose is light, yet present. The scent of light, crisp yet aquatic roses remains fresh and subdued. You won’t ever feel burdened by its barely there presence, but like a good friend, you’ll know it’s there, hanging around reassuringly.

Corpus is our favorite clean deodorant brand because their fragrance profiles are so well constructed, and always so sophisticated. It’s hard to believe that they’re just naturally derived from the plants. And they’re non-irritating. They’re really just the perfect touch. Third Rose in particular is mellow, and luxurious like a silk sheet, making it perfect for sleep.

Face Oil: F. Miller Face Oil

Minimalist? F.Miller’s Face Oil is all you’ll needed. It has a blend of 22 nutrient-dense botanical oils that provide good ample nourishment for the skin. It’s multitasking, helps with dry areas and congested areas, and instills next-day glow. Plus, it has a fresh, green scent that makes you feel clean and put together. Your skin will come alive.

Fragrance: Sigil Anima Mundi

Sigil is known for creating complex and evolved fragrances from natural materials that don’t have traditional scent profiles. Anima Mundi is the closest they come to a floral, and this study on florals includes jasmine, tuberose, and rose that feel traditional on first spray, then unwind into something interesting and unique. The profile works beautifully with the Corpus Third Rose deodorant. The cool down of this natural perfume ensures that while the opening feels like an unabashed loved of florals, you’ll go to bed with just hints of creamy florals that will delight and soothe.

A special note: Sigil recently announced their closure. Predictably, many are stocking up on their perfumes as collectables. So if you want any Sigil, you have to strike now.

Candle: Cire Trudon Abd El Kader

A good candle can transform a room into an atmosphere. It’s the ultimate mood setter, and elevates any environment. Cire Trudon is the ultimate prestige and heritage candle brand. They’re the oldest candlemaker in the world that is still active today. Abd El Kader is their signature scent. The scent is decidedly fresh, green, and crisp with notes of fresh mint, ginger, tea. While heart notes of jasmine and vanilla make for a calm, stable base. It’s perfect for emulating a carefree, and restful spring breeze. Even Cire Trudon calls Abd El Kader their most iconic scent.


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