I’m putting this out from the get go “Sanskrit Saponins is so good everyone should be using it”.

We all know how important cleansing is for healthy looking skin. If you use a daily SPF or any make-up then a balm or oil will remove these thoroughly with a hot cloth. The next step is a cleanser to specifically clean the skin which is where Sanskrit Saponins by NIOD comes in.

This cleanser literally drags blackheads, dead skin, oil and dirt off of the skin without any harshness or irritation.
Saponins which are derived from Ayurvedic plants act as cleansing agents to deeply cleanse the skin without stripping or drying. After using this for the first time I thought – why hasn’t someone come up with this as a mainstream cleanser before now?

From the smell to the texture to the results, I love everything about this cleanser. Being able to see my skin so clean is addictive and luckily I have a stockpile of this stuff to keep me going for a while. How often you use it is up to you. Once I saw the results I used it every day for the first week to see what it could do. My pores aren’t perfect but less congested compared with any other cleanser I’ve used. My skin feels fresh and bright after using this and it doesn’t leave that tight or dry feeling I can get from intense cleansers. To find a product so efficient yet gentle is exciting and until something better comes along, I will happily stay loyal to this.

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