The 3-Step Hair System Every Guy Should Try

Guys, our hair follicles and scalp microflora are intrinsically different 😓. They tend to be more active, produce more oil and sweat 💦 (thanks testosterone), and experience harsher styling products. Most men are using products that are too harsh, which exacerbate the scalp and dry out hair, and can even cause premature hair loss🤦‍♂️. Then if you hold back, hair often feels dirty and the scalp gets irritated.

One of the biggest hair challenges is finding balance. I had a dermatologist who once prescribed 5 different products switched in daily intervals to maintain a balanced hair and scalp system that ended up just being overkill. The goal is to keep oiliness, dandruff, and irritation at bay but without stripping your hair or removing the good flora on the scape.

I’ve tried everything from apple cider vinegar to lengthy 8 step systems that require coal tar which provides immediate results but end up creating more harm. Upon researching ingredients lists and how products are formulated, I’ve switched to much gentler, more natural products that have done wonders. I’ve been diligent about following this 3 step hair system every 2-3 days (depending on activity level)💆‍♂️.

The SOLUTION, after much searching, is this system of really effective hair care that uses gentle yet high performing natural ingredients that soothe and balance the scalp and cleanse hair strands without drying it.

Start by working a thin coat of Rahua Beauty’s Voluminous Conditioner on hair strands as a hair mask 15 minutes before showering. It’s made from Amazonian rainforest plants and designed to nurture hair. So you know you’re feeding it the best. Yes it’s a conditioner which we’re told has to be the follow up to shampooing, but leaving it as the last step is too heavy and creates greasiness so put it on as a deep conditioning hair mask with all those natural botanical nutrients to feed your hair, then wash off when you shampoo. Your hair reaps the benefits with none of the remaining residue and issues.

So mask for 15 minutes (leave on a bit longer if you like), then hop in the shower and work a half-dollar size of the Leonor Greyl Propolis Bain Traitant shampoo into a rich lather. It is such a beautiful product that combines upscale French efficacy with natural ingredients so you get the best of all worlds. Make sure to cover both your hair and scalp for at least 2 minutes so it actually has time to get to work (most guys wash off almost immediately which is as good as just pouring your shampoo down the drain). This is that cleansing step so make sure you really get those areas that are most prone to dandruff, itchiness and build up.

After rinsing off and stepping out of the shower, apply the Sachajuan Scalp Treatment onto the scalp. If done right, you’ll feel a slight cooling tingle after a little while. Think of this as your serum but for the scalp.

You’ll only need a small amount of any of these products as they’re so efficient. They’re all wonderful in their own right but when combined, absolute magic🔮💆‍♂️👌





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