Summer Favorites: June 2019

This summer, we’ve been spoiled with some good products but rather than provide an entire shopping list, we’ll share some monthly highlights. For June, Agent Nateur’s Holi(Oil) was impressive and made us rethink the conversation on face oils, while Youth to the People’s Kale + Aloe Sunflower Oil Tripeptide 5 Eye Cream made up for its long-winded moniker with efficient performance and finally – Biossance Squalane + Micronutrient Fine Mist landed on a solid footing when it was much needed to combat hot summer weather.

Biossance Squalane + Micronutrient Fine Mist

Fine is an underrated adjective, no one ever uses fine to really describe anything noteworthy. But that’s exactly the best word to describe this mist, it’s so fine that you can douse your entire face in it without realizing. This is hands down the finest texture we’ve ever experienced in a mist. Of course, this makes it wonderful for summer when the last thing needed is sticky moisture.

There are two types of hyaluronic acid which is quite impressive at this price point ($32 for 2.5 oz or $18 for 1 oz). We’re big fans of this active but for those of you who don’t know, Hyaluronic Acid is a water-retaining active that draws in hydration and gives skin that plumped from within feel. The squalane is effective at nourishing skin and locking in the moisture.

Because of the fine, weightless texture – this sits flawlessly on top as a make-up primer and can be layered with face oils/serums without any downtime. The ingredients in this are soothing but if you’re just looking for that immediate cooling, the fine mist may feel a little on the subtle side. This isn’t a ding, subtle is good especially for summer when skin can become extremely reactive. The durable recyclable plastic bottle fits perfectly into dopp kits and is incredibly convenient for travel whether checked in or accompanying you as an in-flight skin hydrator. There is no reason not to take this on summer travels.


Agent Nateur Holi(Oil) Refining Youth Serum

There is an entire shelf dedicated to serums here, and over half are face oils. We read about it, wear it, and experience it almost 24/7. So it becomes especially notable when a new one arrives that steals our attention immediately. This actually sat in the package for a good week until we were organizing our beauty closet. And then the moment we saw the white glass bottle with Agent Nateur on the front, we just knew the oil was something special.

Even before opening the bottle, we could kind of smell the beautiful oils marinating inside. This immediately felt like the most special product that everyone was excited to try and that’s quite a feat for face oils, which due to such proliferation has left us rather jaded. Holi(Oil) proves that a good and interesting product does not need to rely on trend or timing to be relevant or appreciated.

Let’s dive into everything about this oil that makes me us love it: the texture is light, like Anna Wintour at a fashion party, it disappears in a way that feels premature but you feel full just from the experience. The color is…. deep and rich, you just know that the oils are high quality and full of nutritional content. The ingredients, including rosehips, sandalwood, helichrysum, rose, and rice bran are nothing new but what is done right is the impeccable sourcing and the way the ingredients are blended together to create something truly effective and magical. There is organic Vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant that brightens the complexion and supports collagen (big fans of face oils that have active Vitamin C). Finally, the oil just smells beautiful. Rose and sandalwood are two of the most perfect fragrances in the botanical kingdom, and their blend will absolutely make you fall in love as the oils work their magic.

Youth to the People Kale + Aloe Sunflower Oil Tripeptide 5 Eye Cream

I’m not sure how YTTP manages to figure out their packaging with their rather long brand name and product titles that are longer than many sentences. All that aside, their products are well made, with a focus on green superfood ingredients, unfussy packaging, and really nice formulas at reasonable price points. Take this jar of eye cream for instance which costs only $35, which is perhaps the only time that a product’s actual price was lower than expected.

A little bit of this cream does go a long way. It’s texture fits in with the classic Cliniques and Kiehls in that class of creams that feel substantial without being “greasy” nor “heavy”. And the cream glides beautifully on the skin without any pulling or tugging, which is really half the battle. There is a light green scent that smells rather clean and fresh, and it dissipates almost as soon as you catch it — so those sensitive to fragrance shouldn’t have much to worry about here.

In terms of ingredients, Kale, Spinach and Green tea extracts are high up there to provide antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients. While tripeptide 5 boosts collagen and fights wrinkles. Sunflower Oil is an emollient that deeply nourishes the skin. This 100% vegan eye cream just wears and performs like an absolute dream.






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