I think of my skincare like I think of my outfits – seasonal and subject to daily whims. And I’ve always subscribed to the imagery of Spring serving as an awakening from the dormant nocturne Winter, so my skincare transitions from heavy, cocoon-like products to everything effervescent and light.

Youth to the People’s Age Prevention Superfood Cleanser has taken the place of cream cleansers. I was skeptical that a foaming gel cleanser could be that gentle at first, but this one really is that skin friendly. It performs a more thorough cleanse than creams but does not dry out skin. The fresh ingredients in this super-greens cleanser also remind me of a Spring salad with the addition of spinach, kale and green tea which contain a massive amount of antioxidants. The bottle is huge and I only need a quick pump for my entire face, so it’ll last a long time. And let’s be honest – it’s pretty cool to look at, and I always feel like a responsible adult who got their proper serving of greens everytime I use it.

Following the super-green cleanser, is the millennial-pink Rose Hibiscus face mist from Herbivore Botanicals that we’ve talked about before (see: Essential Face Mists). Not only are the Easter green’s and pink’s perfectly seasonal, but they’re bounding with fresh botanicals that one could find in a Spring garden. The Rose-Hibiscus mist is sooo lush, you’re basically turning your skin surface into a dewy rainforest/rose garden. I spray my skin with this when I get up and it immediately soaks into my skin and balances out the lost overnight moisture.

My all-in-one product is the Ambrosia Beauty Nectar from YÜLI. It’s super light and virtually disappears into my skin, where it then works like a beast in just saturating skin in hydration, repairing skin and really just taking care of everything that leaves your skin looking impeccable. This is so necessary for Spring when you still need the heavy dose of actives but don’t want to use a “heavy” or suffocating product. Bonus: it smells like a blood orange sorbet.

I finish with the Luzern Lab’s Moisture Recovery Oil, which tops up the routine nicely and seals all the moisture in. Sometimes I mix it with the oil-free Ambrosia nectar, to create a super-powered dual serum emulsion. The oil is virtually fragrance-free and is a 100% active oil serum with no unnecessary ingredients. The oils include rosehips, squalane, sweet almond, and evening primrose so you know it’s ultra gentle yet powerful. The weight and texture are just incredible as well, you can really tell the ratio of oils is perfectly balanced. I’ve really been taken with this line.

Finally, for my eyes, I’ve been trying out the Beauty RX Gentle Exfoliating Eye Cream. I never thought I’d want to put a chemical acid based product around my eyes but felt that I should give it a try after using every moisturizing eye cream on the market to stagnant results. I have to say, this is superb and exceeded my expectations. It’s so gentle as the glycolic acid is buffered by jojoba and argan oil. There are also numerous peptides both naturally derived and synthetic, that firm, tighten, smooth and protect the skin so that the new skin that is cycled in from the exfoliation is in peak condition. I really notice an improved tone and texture to my eyes, and the cream itself is very gentle and hydrating so no additional eye products are necessary.




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