I thought it would be fun to show you three different face cleansers I have on the go. You may be thinking – why does he need three cleansers to wash his face – but they each work very differently. Let me tell you more.


3Deep by Dr Levy Switzerland contains lactic acid which I like as it removes the surface layers of dead skin without leaving my face dry or tight. I use this in the morning as it brightens up my skin, if I want a deeper exfoliation I apply it to dry skin as a mask and leave on for a few minutes whilst I brush my teeth before rinsing in the shower. Other brands offer exfoliating face wash’s except I haven’t seen many with lactic acid (good for dry skin), most contain glycolic (good al-rounder) or salicylic acid (great for congested skin).


Hylamide High-Efficiency Face Cleanser is what I’m using every evening to remove SPF thoroughly. This is an oil base cleanser with a fine, liquidy consistency that rinses off. I like the bottle as it’s practical to open and close with the nozzle. Oil gently breaks down SPF or make-up, I apply this to dry skin and massage all over before rinsing with warm water and wiping over with a flannel (washcloth). I like to follow with a second cleanse using something else to clean my skin and pores. Thanks to the fine consistency a little goes a long way making this a reasonable price when you work out the cost per use.


Sanskrit Saponins by NIOD is very unique as it deeply cleanses the skin and pores without being harsh on the skin. It’s a cream consistency that I use in the evening as a second cleanse after using the oil. I have never used a product that leaves my skin so clean without feeling dry or tight. It feels like the cleanser has vacuumed my skin and pores which is strangely satisfying. Unlike the other two cleansers this is completely unique so I doubt you will find a dupe anywhere else.


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