Review: Agent Nateur holi(man) N°5 Deodorant

There is no natural deodorant brand with a larger cult following or that has broken through to as high-end of a clientele as Agent Nateur. We covered their original superstar deodorant that put them on the map figuratively speaking, and literally into the bathrooms and gym bags of celebrities and influencers en masse.

When Agent Nateur released a unisex version called holi(man) N°5 Deodorant, we jumped on it. A green brand bringing guys into the conversation on making wiser and more informed choices in their personal care products is what we’re all about.

Perhaps it’s because this deodorant is designed to appeal to my gender, I have to say this eclipses the original. Where we found the original deodorant to have a fresh aroma that was described as “straight forward” and dominated by two notes (eucalyptus and lavender), this one is decidedly more complex and dare we say – sophisticated than the original. The fragrance notes include Vetiver, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, and Cistus which evokes an elegant, masculine scent that is deep, full and rich. The dominant impression is the sweet, woodsiness of the Sandalwood. It is appears that time spent in France studying fragrance and formulations has given founder Jena Covello, a mastery of aromatherapy and essential oils.

Beyond the fragrance, the application and texture is similar to the original deodorant which we go into here. We did notice that holi(man) seems to have a more powerful and longer lasting staying power than the original. This could be a purposeful decision or the result of using more aromatic essential oils.

The black bottle with gold etching is particularly striking, though given Jena’s background as a stylist, we’re hardly surprised that the design remains so on point. It fits nicely with the overall aesthetic of the collection yet is distinguished on it’s own.

Agent Nateur holi(man) N°5 Deodorant is a fantastic addition to the collection and provides the discerning gentlemen looking for a clean deodorant, a viable option that looks and smells every bit as polished as the high-end products they’re accustomed to using. With the summer fast approaching, there couldn’t be a better time to give this a try!

Agent Nateur holi(man) N°5 Deodorant is available at:

Citrine Natural Beauty Bar
The Detox Market



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