Today I have put together some new post-workout products that I am currently using and liking a lot. I’ve wanted a foam roller for ages because my legs become really stiff when I go jogging and no amount of stretching seems to be enough. Using this is painful yet strangely satisfying and I also use it for my back. My bank recently gave me an Amazon gift card which is where I found it for under 20€. I recommend you watch a foam roller tutorial on YouTube to ensure you use it correctly and avoid any accidental injuries.

I recently began using the body wash from AB Crew and I really like it. At times I’m allergic to fragrance but in this case my skin hasn’t reacted so it may be a good option if you have sensitive skin. The verbena fragrance smells fresh and kind of lemony which is nice in the morning or after a workout. It contains French green clay which helps detoxify the skin. The Deodorant from Susanne Kaufmann is perfect for the gym kit as it’s a stick plus it’s all-natural and super effective. Yassssss. My hair is fluffy at the best of times. Post-workout it tends to be a nightmare, especially when it’s freshly washed, the hair and beard balm from Mukti helps keep it in place with nourishing essential oils and natural waxes.

Photography by Christian Roman


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