Pai Shau Supreme Revitalizing Hair Mask: A Mind Changing Revelation

In the beginning…

Pai Shau’s Supreme Revitalizing Hair Mask intrigued us when it first arrived. A common complain we hear all the time is about under-nourished, and lifeless hair. So we always receive hair masks with arms wide open. But it wasn’t love at first use, quite the opposite. We often make the correct call on our first impressions. But sometimes, it’s important to let a product breathe a bit in a routine, and give it time to unveil its full potential. This is such an occasion.

The Pai Shau brand is new-to-us. Pai Shau makes professional tea infused hair-care products. All the products are cruelty free, vegan friendly, color safe, Keratin safe, gluten free, paraben free, sulfate free, phosphate free, and have no added sodium chloride. So we were quite curious to try something with a modern formula, made for professionals.

We opened the jar of Supreme Revitalizing Hair Mask, and a penetrating scent immediately confronted us. Apparently fragrance free is not one of the brand tenants. The mask smelled of classic 90s drugstore product, overwhelmingly strong and cloying. It left a bad taste, and really got in the way of us fully experiencing this mask.

Second chances

We had left the jar of hair mask sitting in our beauty closet. By happenstance, we were testing a shampoo that was incredibly drying. And, with no other options, we turned to the only hair moisturizing product in our closet at the time. We started conservatively, first applying only two small dollops of Pai Shau’s Supreme Revitalizing Hair Mask and letting it sit for 1-2 minutes before showering. The mask’s fragrance wasn’t around long enough to really be a bother. This helped us recognize what the mask was actually doing. Dry, and straw-like hair became smooth, deeply conditioned, and silky after just one application.

Suddenly, everything clicked into place. The texture of this mask is perfectly rich and nourishing, like a cross between a rich cream and vaseline. Fret not about the vaseline reference. Pai Shau’s Supreme Revitalizing Hair Mask is decidedly a cream rather than an oil/balm type of mask. And while the mask is what we’d call a weighty thick boy, the formula absorbs well, is water-based (no petrolatum in sight on the ingredients list) and whats left is easily rinsed off. The green tea infusion is wonderful in this mask to help repair sun damaged hair.

We were able to overlook the strong fragrance component once we discovered the actual performance of this mask. Pai Shau’s Supreme Revitalizing Hair Mask is kind of a marvel. Once a week, before showering, we apply a generous coat of this weighty mask all over our hair for 5 minutes. Then wash and rinse off. And just like that, our hair is the most lustrous and gorgeous it has ever been that we can’t help but run our hands through our hair through the day.

Final Thoughts

This stuff is good. The smell might be a little aggressive, but it seems like a worthy ask as 5 minutes is all the time it needs to work its magic. For what it’s worth, the fragrance of the mask primarily hits prior to application, and subsides once applied. Regardless, the rewards are worth it in our opinion. For deeply conditioned, soft, silky, voluminous, and even bouncy hair, Pai Shau Supreme Revitalizing Hair Mask is unrivaled. We haven’t had a product deliver such healthy hair in such a quick, transformative way.


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