NYDG SKINCARE – Do Not Sleep On This Line

Every once in a while, a new lines arrives on our desks that completely takes us by surprise. NYDG Skincare is a rather unassuming 6-piece line created by the New York Dermatology Group. The collection is a masterful take on the basics, from a gentle oatmeal cleanser to a physical SPF30 sunscreen. The products are generously sized in practical tubes that are particularly efficient and durable for traveling.

Our editors first gave the travel-friendly line a try during New York Fashion Week that quickly turned into a global trip which included a stop in Shanghai. And word got back to the office that the line was the real deal.


First to impress was the Colloidal Oatmeal Cleanser, a gentle and skin calming formula with aloe vera and green tea that still provides quite a powerful cleanse that only a pea-sized amount is needed. It’s powerful enough to work as a one-step makeup remover + cleanser. Then a week later, a testimonial that the super-soothing cucumber and chamomile infused Re-Contour Eye Gel was simply magic that made fine lines around the under eyes disappear while ridding dark circles with amino acids and horse chestnut. Unlike many creams that sit on top of skin, the eye gel is able to penetrate instantly which means more of the actives are working on skin.

Throughout this time, the Ultra-Light Hydra Gel with hyaluronic acid and grape seed extract functioned as a light sole moisturizer which sunk into skin quickly and kept skin plumped. We recommend this for any guy or any person who is worried about heaviness in their moisturizing products (it’s probably a top seller at Mr.Porter for this very reason). As the weather got colder and drier, this was layered under the Formula 115 Cream, which is basically the skincare version of your favorite sweater, it deeply moisturizes skin with shea butter and Vitamin E, but also packs a rejuvenating punch of actives including ginkgo leaf and ginseng together with peptides and Matrixyl (a patented peptide complex that is said to mimic the effects of botox).


It wasn’t until the Shanghai trip that the real hero stood out, the Luminizing Skin Essence. Asian skincare is known for essences, and we weren’t sure if a New York-based dermatology group was going to “get it.” But the moment this essence touched the skin, an awakening, cooling sensation took over that felt as though every crevice and each pore was receiving a deep renewal. Once the cooling sensation subsided, skin felt soft, fresh and plumped. It’s the perfect antidote that removes all the environmental pollutants like smog and smoke while leaving skin with antioxidants like pomegranates and rose extracts. There are even fermented ingredients that star in Korean Beauty essences and probiotics which help to tone skin. The Luminizing Skin Essence is so stellar, it’s kind of taken over Biologique P50 as our go-to essence/toner step despite the fact that there isn’t even any acid in the formula. Don’t try to make sense of the ingredients list, it won’t prepare you for just how exceptional this essence is, and we highly recommend just experiencing it firsthand.


NYDG is a very balanced line where each product is designed to support skin and work effectively yet gently. It’s not surprising that the products work considering that it’s the newest line from the renowned David Colbert of Colbert MD. One can’t help but feel that this is a more modern take on skincare as the ingredients are much more natural and healing. You won’t find actives like retinol, acids or Vitamin C, instead, skin is treated to antioxidants, moisture intensive ingredients, and reparative peptides. It’s perfect for everyone, but especially sensitive skins, and those who have just had a procedure. The formulations fit well with Asian beauty philosophies which call for nurturing the skin as the key to preserving youth. There really isn’t a dud in the entire collection and we would not hesitate to recommend any product in this well thought out six-piece range. 



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