Namastay-in-Bed for the Holidays: Skincare Edition

There are many types of ‘holiday people,’ some go on trips, some throw parties, others run errands, I can usually be found around the holidays comfortably nestled in bed devouring movies and tv shows that my usual 20 hours of travel a week schedule doesn’t permit.

However, I am nothing if not an efficient multitasker, hence these gorgeous, high-quality lotions and potions that I slather on during me-time:

Sunday Riley Good Genes: A sublime lactic acid cream-based serum that clears off any dead skin cells, clogged pores, and uneven pigmentation. I use it twice a week, overnight or as a 15-minute mask during the day. It smells like a fancy lady take on lemongrass and licorice, which both tone and brighten skin.

Luzern Force De Vie Luxe: If ever there was a perfect moisturizer, this is it. The ideal soft, silken texture that is simultaneously quenching yet never suffocating. Force De Vie, literally translated to mean ‘Life Force’ is a hydrous creme meaning it’s actually adding water into the skin rather than just coating it like many moisturizers. More than that, it oxygenates the skin and feeds skin cellular energy so that skin looks revived.

Immunocologie Intense Eye Creme: The most nourishing eye cream that swaths the delicate eye area under a dense coat of antioxidants, and minerals that depuffs, rid dark circles while firming the skin with whole plant shea butter and avocado oil. This is the real deal and the only one I slather when I need the cavalry.

Royal Fern Phyto-active Anti-Aging Serum & Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum: These serums are powerful and they work. I’ve been on a break from pure Vitamin C and Retinol serums and experimenting with alternative modes of anti-aging pursuits, one of which follows the Asian philosophy of nurture and care with high-quality ingredients full of antioxidants and vitamins as the key to youthful skin.

The Royal Fern Phyto-active Anti-Aging Serum, is a hydrous serum that is made from water soluble plant extracts rich in antioxidants with a 1% Royal Fern Complex that protects against genetic and environmental aging and stress. It also contains Vitamin C as a supporting player in addition to hydrating hyaluronic acid. The resulting serum is really quite remarkable and smells so fresh and clean that you’d swear it came from the future.

I sometimes mix, and sometimes layer over that with Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, the most acclaimed face oil. It smells like a garden from the symphony of rose, jasmine, calendula, lavender, and neroli oils. The oil soaks into skin beautifully no doubt due to the super-fine grapeseed oil base. Sure face oils are a dime a dozen, but the quality in this blend is just a pleasure to experience, you will absolutely savor each drop.

These two serums together create a really powerful result and are so luxurious to use that it’s become an addictive part of my skincare routine that I never want to alter.

REN & Now To Sleep Pillow Spray: There is compelling new research in Japan that shows some essential oils such as lavender have such powerful aromatherapy benefits that they literally alter brain waves in reducing anxiety and produce a relaxing effect through the olfactive system. REN’s pillow spray is made from these herbs, which promote a relaxed and calming feeling which is exactly how I want to spend my holidays.




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