Wanting to introduce some all-natural products into you skincare routine and don’t know where to begin? Let me guide you through the transition and suggest where it’s best to go green.

Natural skincare is becoming mainstream but it’s not quite there yet. Deciding to add some products to your existing routine can seem daunting and leave you wondering where to start. At the time I started taking skincare seriously I used only natural products. It’s since starting the blog that I started mixing natural and synthetic products. I’m lucky enough to receive plenty of samples which gives me an opportunity to test different types of product that I wouldn’t usually consider.

The first natural product you should consider is a moisturiser or face oil. I love oils and I believe there is one for every skin type. Natural oils are plant or seed based whereas synthetic products will likely contain mineral oil or silicone which aren’t going to nourish your skin. Moisturisers are also a good option as the natural varieties are full of fresh botanical ingredients that can nourish your skin.

The next choice for me would be deodorant. A lot of brands have formulated aluminium free versions but they still contain artificial fragrance and other not-so-great ingredients. Vital glands are located in and around the armpits so I think it’s better to use gentle products here. I’m one of those people that needs deodorant and I find the natural versions can work very well, but not all of them, so I will list brands below.

The next recommendation is face cleanser. It’s important to use something gentle yet effective that removes dirt without irritating or drying the skin. I prefer using an oil or balm cleanser at night to easily remove dirt, grease and SPF. In the morning I use a lightweight gel or cream cleanser.

Any of these products make the perfect introduction. Below I will list some of my favourite brands.

If you want any specific recommendations then leave me a comment of ask me via social media. I’m happy to hear from you. Twitter Instagram


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