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The last thing we need is another list of products for the holidays and our team’s goal was to come up with a list that was not a list. We didn’t want to simply list out things for you to buy, instead we’re sharing the selections that we’ve been excited about. These are the gifts for the health and wellness minded that have been especially noteworthy to us. From an innovative air purifier to classic French candles fragrances with pure essential oils, these picks are sure to elevate.


Molekule Air Purifier

Molekule, a San Francisco-based startup is redefining air purification. Housed in a sleek, modern aluminum form factor, their whisper quiet, revolutionary dual filtration system doesn’t just filter out impurities including mold, dust and pollution, it also breaks them down so the threats are all together eliminated.

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

Hand crafted from porcelain, this ultra-sonic diffuser is designed for aromatherapy purists who require their organic essential oils to be diffused in the highest quality chamber. Plug in, fill with 6-8 drops of your favorite essential oil (we’re partial to rose and chamomile), and enjoy.

Ziip Nano Current Device

This is the year of the skincare gizmos. From microneedles to LED lights to microcurrent devices send jolts of electricity across skin. None have been as transformative as Ziip’s Nano Current Device, a handheld electrical tool designed to provide a professional level nano-current facial in one’s home. The device’s creator, Melanie Simon spent more than 10 years developing this device and promises results in just 3 treatments.


Diptyque Red Tuberose Candle

Diptyque uses all natural essential oils for the fragrances that go into their candles. We prefer this festive red take on one of the original Diptyque scents. Tuberose is considered to be one of the rarest natural fragrances in existence and the heady, floral consistently ranks among our team favorites.

Zimmerli Mercerised Cotton Pajama Set

The storied Swiss brand, Zimmerli is as renowned for working with natural fibers as they are for their craftsmanship. The mercerised cotton pajama set is one of our favorites for lounging at home (hello lazy Sunday mornings!). The mercerisation process gives the cotton a silk-like luster (without any of the high maintenance), and makes the material more durable and soft.

Coyuchi Honeycomb Blanket

Coyuchi is known for high quality, sustainably procured, organic home goods. Their blankets are worth devoting an entirely post. The Honeycomb Blanket is our favorite, it’s made from the softest organic cotton in a facility that is fair trade certified. The chunky weave gives the blanket a weighty, cozy texture and the high quality fabric retains integrity wash after wash.


The Beauty Chef Hydration Inner Beauty Boost

The holidays are all about imbibing, so why not indulge in something that tastes good and is good for you? The Beauty Chef makes some of the most delicious, pro-biotic, plant based wellness tonics. Hydration Inner Beauty Boost is a supercharged shot of coconut water and aloe vera blended with bio-fermented superfoods that increase hydration from the inside out.

GLOSSIER Moisturizing Moon Mask

The pursuit of well moisturized skin sometimes feels like a lost cause especially in the middle of Winter. However if anything is going to make it happen, it’s going to be this intensive moisture mask from Glossier. No fragrances or coloring, just super moisture rich ingredients like squalane, sweet almond oil, honey and aloe that are also super for sensitive skin.

Chanel La Creme Main Hand Cream

“I thought I had moved on entirely to naturals, then discovered this in our beauty closet and had to try it. It’s an instant classic. You press the egg shaped bottle to dispense the substantial though quick dissipating cream. It’s been such a pleasure to use that it’s the first hand cream I actually apply throughout the day. My hands feel soft and smooth, and I feel like an actual grown up with their life together when I take it out. And the scent reminds me of a classy lady: polished without being loud.” – Seth

Written by: Garçon’s World Team


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