Edo Jao’s Superfood Top Shelf

When it comes to nutraceuticals, we trust LVMH Fashion Executive, Edo Jao. His self-care rituals feature the most luxurious skin potions and body tonics, developed through personalized expert advice from industry leaders. 

We were fortunate to take a small peek into his top shelf of nutraceuticals and unsurprisingly, took away a lot of knowledge that we’re happy to share on here today. 

“I first got into nutritional sciences when I was a college freshman. Nutritional Science courses were the go-to for student-athletes so, in other words, the grading curves in those classes were ridiculous and that’s what drew me in.

It was during the introductory course that the idea of ‘food as medicine was presented and it really changed my approach to wellness. Many people say “wellness” is a trend but it’s been around from Japanese Onsens and Turkish baths to 1970s gym culture, we’re really just updating what that term means.  I’m really glad that nutraceuticals are making their way to the forefront of the wellness movement now.

Although the best way to get nutrients is from a balanced and diverse diet, the reality is that it’s not pragmatic. There are many nutrients and trace minerals that we can’t get from diet alone, and there are constraints to the level of certain Vitamins and nutrients we can absorb from daily meal intake no matter how healthy we try to eat. Also, every person is designed a little differently and processes food differently.

The first rule with nutraceuticals and supplements is to make sure you’re using bio-available food-based sources. You’ve probably read studies that say supplements don’t work or have adverse results but every single study that indicates these results tested with lab-made synthetic supplements. I really like New Chapter and Garden of Life who both manufacture raw, organic food-based multivitamins.

That’s the other rule – since we’re working with plant-based foods in a concentrated supplement form, you really can’t cheap out and not go organic. Detractors claim that organic is a meaningless term that just means expensive, but it’s a very ignorant assumption because only certified organic ingredients are pure enough to be free of the bad stuff like artificial growth hormones, radiation, drugs, GMO’s and pesticides.

When it comes to superfood based powders and tonics, you really have to do your research and consult with a health provider who knows your body. In the same way that not every skincare product will work for everyone, there are definitely superfoods that aren’t right for certain people. When I first began introducing these raw, powdered superfoods, I was going off of the advice of editors and buyers such as the ladies from CAP BEAUTY. I was taking all the nutraceuticals that they were recommending and started getting nosebleeds and headaches which I never got before. My dietician troubleshot the issue and we realized that I was taking all these superfoods that were beneficial for older women which had the effect of overcharging my body. I was basically overdosing on the energizing herbs. In hindsight, it seemed obvious but I know that I’m not the only one who loses sight of common sense when trying to figure this stuff out.

So my gameplan is to take things based on what I need.


For Mornings

Our gut is responsible for so much more than what Western Medicine gives it credit for and many chronic health conditions are directly connected to the gut. To make sure that my consumption doesn’t shift the balance of my gut health, I take The Beauty Chef’s Glow Inner Beauty Powder at least twice a week on an empty stomach. This drink increases the intake of probiotics through the use of fermented foods which have been shown to be really beneficial for gut health.

80% of our diet should be plant-based and most people aren’t hitting this target which can manifest in numerous health issues. So if I want to reset and rebalance my body, I take WelleCo’s Super Elixir Alkalizing Greens which is a plant-based superfood multivitamin with organic greens that tastes like a soda. The ingredients in this are phenomenal and numerous (I think there are over 40 plant ingredients in here) making it a buffet of greens. This is the one to take if you’ve been indulging in take-out, fast food or a regrettable guilty pleasure.

For energy, I take Sun Potion Green Adaptogen which is an “activating” blend of Suma, Maca, and Chlorella that ups energy levels. I don’t take this more than 3 times a week because chlorella is one of those superfoods that the body can only metabolize so quickly and any excess just remains in the body and can take part in unfavorable reactions.

Add-on: The Beauty Chef Collagen Inner Beauty Boost is an excellent add-on to any of these drinks. It has water-based nutrients such as Vitamin C and Zinc which are really good for you, in fact, most men need more zinc in their diet which greatly improves everything from muscle quality to libido and testosterone production.


For Workouts

I take Bee Pollen with my WelleCo Nourishing Plant Protein Powder after my morning workouts. Bee Pollen contains the most complete source of B vitamins which really helps with recovery. The Nourishing Plant Protein from WelleCo is such a cleanly formulate protein powder (no whey or dairy), and it tastes like a guilty pleasure that satiates every craving. These two features make it such a rarity amongst protein powders that aren’t known for tasting good or being clean. This has been a total game changer.

If you’re not trying to lean out, try adding some Sun Potion Prash, it’s a mix of biodynamic Ghee and Raw Wildflower Honey infused with herbs that are rich in minerals, amino acids and the good types of fats. Excellent for recovery.


During the Day

I always have fresh brewed loose leaf tea and the Kusmi BB Detox  (BB stands for Beauty Beverage), is one of my favorite teas. Not only does it taste wonderful, but it’s a beautifying tea meant to help with water retention while stimulating the body’s detoxification system. There are green tea and rooibos which makes it quite the antioxidant powerhouse. Excellent to sip and enjoy throughout the day.”

As told to Garçon’s World




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