During the hot summer months our skin requires lightweight, hydrating products to counteract the effects of heat and sun exposure which can otherwise leave skin feeling dry, sensitive and dehydrated.

I’m currently using Dr Jackson’s 05 Face and Eye Essence. This all-natural, gel textured essence is best applied as a first step after cleansing. If your skin type is oily then you might get away with using this as your moisturiser over the summer. Thanks to aloe vera, rose water and camomile this is soothing and hydrating with a natural fragrance that’s nice and fresh. I apply a small amount day and night as the first step before a serum. If I could change one thing it would be the jar packaging. Tata Harper uses pump bottles which I prefer as they protect the product from air and bacteria found on even the cleanest of fingers (the moisturisers come with a small scoop but I would still prefer a pump).

Dr Jackson’s Baobab and Rose Oil is a new addition to the range. I received a 10ml travel size which I’m really happy with. It’s easy to go overboard with oils and the roller ball applicator is perfect for releasing a small amount of the product. I recommend rolling onto the palm of the hand in circular movements several times. This also warms the product up, I rub my palms together and press the oil onto my skin. It smells softly of rose which I love as it’s nice and comforting. During the summer I stick to evenings when using oils as they are a bit heavy underneath an SPF during the day.

The gender neutral packaging is a winner for me and bonus points are awarded for the raw, recycled brown boxes. Whilst they look good they are also environmentally thoughtful. There is a lot to be said for natural/organic brands that damage the planet due to glossy wasteful packaging in the name of luxury.

For more information on Dr Jackson’s products visit the website or Credo or Mr. PorterNet-a-Porter

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