Detox Mode Infinite Crème Review: The Body Cream Upgrade

Few products can be described as destined, yet that’s exactly our relationship with Detox Mode’s newest product. Infinite Crème appeared on our desks in the middle of a cold, overcast winter day at a time where the jubilance of the new decade of 2020 was starting to be replaced by the reality of the multiple dumpster fires happening through the world. Then one use of this lush cream provided the gentle salve we didn’t realize we needed.

Detox Mode’s Infinite Crème is a lush and quenching moisturizer for the body made from nourishing and soothing ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, sunflower seed oil, and jojoba seed oil. Its calming cyan color can be attributed to anti-inflammatory Blue Tansy, the star ingredient in May Lindstrom’s The Blue Cocoon that initiated the wave of blue-hued skincare products.

The Infinite Crème is soft, rich, and deeply creamy in a way that feels like absolute butter on the skin. Unlike oils and balms that work best with some moisture present on the skin, this cream can even be applied straight onto dry skin since it contains water in the formula. In terms of performance, it absolutely melts into the skin, relieving persistent winter-dryness even around the elbows and chronic dry-patches.

Now let’s talk about the scent because it deserves its own write-up. This crème is like therapy, not only is it texturally gentle but the fragrance, a mix of sweet blue tansy, luxurious rose geranium, soothing lavender, clean lemongrass, and divine jasmine, is absolutely addictive. It is the most beautiful scent combination. Lavender and Lemongrass, in particular, are renowned aromatherapeutic plants that are shown to lower stress and promote restfulness. And because it’s Detox Mode, you can be assured that ingredients are natural and green.

What is very pleasantly surprising is that a hefty jar of this gorgeous cream retails for only $38. Infinite Crème is therefore not just a brilliant product, but one of the best buys we’ve found. Don’t skip this one.


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