Dad Tested: The Products They’ll Love

Dad’s are great – that’s the simple consensus we summed up at our team round table as we discussed this year’s upcoming Father’s Day.

“I think for their generation, the focus is on having the comforts such as a nice home and being able to get their kids into good schools, and then the material things like a well tailored suit, new gadgets and a classic watch. Self-care hasn’t entered into their vernacular. My dad still washes his face with soap and finishes with cold cream.”

That’s precisely why for our Father’s Day feature, we gave a bunch of products to our dad’s beforehand and today we’re sharing the products that they approved.

Agent Nateur Holi(Man) N°5 Deodorant

“My dad will try new stuff but it never sticks. He told me a long time ago that that he couldn’t find a deodorant that didn’t irritate his armpits so I sent him Agent Nateur’s organic Holi(Man) N°5 Deodorant. He was skeptical at first but liked the smell so he gave it a shot. He now keeps the stick in his locker at the country club and has asked me where to get it because he wants to keep another at home. That’s his stamp of approval.” – Nikola

(Our review of Agent Nateur’s organic Holi(Man) N°5 Deodorant here)


“I fumbled the introduction by telling him how much Kim Kardashian swears by body oils which is how I got interested but that was lost on my dad. Nonetheless, after getting a biopsy on a patch of skin on his arm earlier in the year, I insisted that he take better care of his skin which includes more than just the face. I had him use IMMUNOCOLOGIE’s Body Serum after showering. They’re not only natural but are actually made to support the immune system. He just texted me yesterday: ‘Where has body oil been all my life? Am I fancy now?’ Yup, dad – you are.” – Seth

ORIBE Signature Shampoo

“I recently went through an existential crisis where I thought I was either losing my hair or that I was seeing white hairs. I literally FaceTimed friends to ask if they were seeing the beginnings of a receding hairline. When my organic hair products ran out, I started using the ORIBE Signature Shampoo and it brought my hair back to life as well as my sanity. I love organic products, but I’m always going to be on team get-the-job-done which is exactly what this luxe haircare line delivers that organic products have not. All guys have quite a personal relationship with their hair so I sent a bottle to my dad who said ‘hey, this is not bad *approving nod*’ – which in Asian dad lingo roughly translates into two thumbs up + trophy.” – Edison

Susanne Kaufmann Eye Gel Line M

“My dad is the type who never complains. Growing up, I can’t recall a single instance where he’d comment on feeling or looking old. So when he asked if I was going to get him any grandkids before he got more wrinkles around his eyes, I went out and got someone pregnant him Susanne Kaufmann’s Eye Gel Line M. It’s a light gel textured eye serum that hydrates, has good organic plant oils, reduces swelling and counteracts aging. But all that matters is, does dad like it? ‘I think your mom’s noticed how good that eye cream is because I caught her eyeing it a few times.’ Sharing is caring, dad.” – Graeme

YULI M.E. Skin Fuel

“We recently took a family trip to the Swiss Alps and spent the first day heli-skiing. When we got back to the lodge in the evening, my dad’s skin was blistering red and peeling from the high altitude, cold UV and wind chills. All the products my mom offered from her La Mer to SKII creams and serums stung and irritated his skin even more. I lent him my bottle of YÜLI M.E. Skin Fuel, an organic botanical face oil with only nourishing plant oils and flower extracts, and audibly heard him let out a sign of relief. His skin pretty much healed overnight although I never got the bottle back. Allegedly, it sits on his side of the master bath but can be frequently found on my mom’s side.” – Nikola



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