A Moment for ODACITÉ Cleansers

Odacité’s latest cleansers are where it’s at right now. First they released their Green Ceremony Cleanser, and we were obsessed with the delicious green Matcha + Spirulina superfood foam. Now, they’ve launched their new Black Mint Cleanser with refreshing Peppermint and super-purifying Activated Charcoal that gives the gel its namesake color. 

How do you know which one is right for you? 

Green Ceremony Cleanser is a powder to foam cleanser. You activate it yourself with some water to turn the rich green powder into a frothy foam cleanser. Although gentle, the mix of baking soda and citric acid give this an exfoliation function. Worry not, sensitive skinned readers, because with soothing ingredients like aloe vera, and honey to balance it out and nutritional anti-aging ingredients like matcha, spirulina to nourish your skin, chances are, all skins will find much to love. 

Black Mint Cleanser is a purifying and cooling gel cleanser. 1-3 pumps on wet skin, and it emulsifies to break up excess oils, pore cloggers, and toxins. The Activated Charcoal is serious business, mixed with acne-fighting tea tree oil and detoxifying rhassoul clay, this cleanser is a must for oily to acneic skin types that require a more powerful cleanse than creams and oils can provide.

How we use them

Both cleansers are powerful and get the job done. They’re also relatively gentle. For us, Green Ceremony Cleanser is a 2-3 times a week deep cleanse to provide that perfect touch of exfoliation and free-radical fighting goodness. It’s perfect for late nights when skin is fatigued, oily and in need of a rejuvenating resurfacing kick.

Black Mint Cleanser is our evening cleanser that tackles all the accumulated grime, pollution, and environmental toxins from the day. The peppermint wakes up the complexion.

We also love using the two cleansers as masks due to all of the beneficial superfoods and actives that deserve a bit more time to soak into the skin.

Try this Mask..

Mix 2-3 parts Green Ceremony Cleanser to 1 part Black Mint Cleanser to create a pore toning, detoxifying, resurfacing mask that also relieves fatigue, free-radicals, and irritation. The cooling feel of the Black Mint gel mixed with the stabilizing base of matcha feels incredible next to the uplifting scent of mint leaves. Leave on until the mask dries and splash your skin with room temperature water. The mask will emulsify and that is when you want to gently circulate it around your skin to slough off dead skin cells. Your skin will look bright and fresh like you just had a world-class facial at home.

Stay tuned for on guide on how we use these cleansers in our morning & evening regimen.


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