Where I come from tea is the backbone of our culture. Whenever I’d come home from a hard day at school refusing to ever go back. My mum would make me a cup of tea to help me feel better and most of the time it did.

I’m currently learning German which is one of my biggest intellectual challenges. I’ve been living here for a while and so far I’ve gotten away with my basic skills. The grammar is complex and most evenings I arrive home from my course thinking ‘how am I ever going to remember all of this’. With certain things I’m a perfectionist and I don’t want to speak in German until I can say whatever it is perfectly – you can imagine how far this has gotten me!

So what does the British boy do when he’s nervous? He put’s the kettle on of course! Teatox is a range of natural healthy tea’s. I’m currently burning through ‘fresh focus’ which makes a perfect companion during stressful times. It contains organic green tea, apple mint, eucalyptus, ginkgo and ginseng. The essentials set comes with a glass tea mug that brews the leaves without any mess. Teatox have lot’s of varieties including skinny tea and matcha. Have a look for yourself here.


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