2019 Holiday Season Deals (Pt1): Credo & The Detox Market

Okay, everyone get prepared – there apparently is no such thing as Black Friday/Cyber Monday anymore. Like Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas,” the new normal is that the moment those Halloween decorations come down, we have to get those credit cards ready for the end of year sales season because Credo and The Detox Market both just dropped their event in the first week of November. As always we’re here to guide you into the best way to shop. So in Pt 1 – we’re seeing the two primary green beauty retailers going head to head, and we’re expecting individual brands to really heat up in about 1-2 weeks, so subscribe if you don’t want to miss our guide on the brand-specific sales when they happen.


Both retailers made our lives easier this year by giving a straight 20% off sale. Exclusions do apply at both, the regulars such as Kypris, Vintner’s Daughter, Josh Rosebrook, as well as already discounted/final sale items (including subscription boxes) are exempt.

BE AWARE that due to the early start, these sales will last only through this Sunday (11/10). With this all out of the way, we’ve parsed through both retailer’s inventory to find the products worth picking up.

We’ll first start with products carried by both retailers, so it primarily depends on your preference (we’ll link both anyway):

Tata Harper Cleansers:

Tata Harper has an arsenal of 5 cleansers now:

Nourishing Oil: The oil cleanser that removes make-up
(Credo | The Detox Market)

Refreshing Cleanser: One of her original cleansers in more of the cream form. (Credo | The Detox Market)

Regenerating Cleanser: The other original cleanser, similar to Refreshing Cleanser but with almond bead exfoliation (Credo | The Detox Market)

Purifying Cleanser: the “pore minimizing” cleanser
(Credo | The Detox Market)

Clarifying Cleanser: the cleanser for blemish-prone skin
(Credo | The Detox Market)

All of her products are a true luxury and lean more preferential to those with dry skin, which is good for a Winter-time purchase.

Herbivore Botanicals Bakuchiol Retinol Alternative Smoothing Serum: There’s been compelling research indicating the Bakuchiol is a suitable plant-alternative to retinol, the gold standard of anti-aging skincare with a notorious heavy hand. Traditional retinol has a reputation for irritating skin, making it more sensitive to UV, and even being unsafe for pregnant women, and Bakuchiol might be able to deliver many of the benefits from programming cells to be younger, to increased cell turnover, without any of the drawbacks.
(Credo | The Detox Market)

We’re obsessed with Vitamin C, any literature on the latest form of the active and delivery mechanism has us hooked. And Nuori is a European brand that relies a big part on freshness, with their Vitamin C placed into 2 vials, each designed to last 10 days to ensure maximum freshness without the fear of oxidation that would render it ineffective. It’s like playing scientist and we’re all for it.
(Credo | The Detox Market)


African Botanics is carried only at Credo and there are a few items we’d suggest picking up. Their new product, Infusion, is described as a “micro liquid serum” and we think it’s incredibly fascinating and not to mention gorgeous. We also can’t leave out their sumptuous Rose Cream Cleanser, nor their show-stopping Fleurs D’Afrique Intensive Recovery Face Oil that maintains one of the most loaded ingredients lists we’ve seen to date and smells like the most luxurious serum ever.

Corpus makes our favorite deodorants. We shouldn’t play favorites but here we are. They’re not only natural, but every single formula is made without baking soda, which unfortunately for many of us causes sensitivities. They make the only deodorant that can be worn repeatedly, and the solid gel-like texture ensures no staining on clothes. And truly, they just smell incredible — never too much, but very sophisticated and clean, with a decidedly unisex slant — even with Third Rose. We lean toward No. Green as the must-have, it’s a fresh, unisex option with orange blossom and cardamom, and has the most fragrant profile. Third Rose is decidedly shyer but perfect for getting close, with a subtle warm rose welcome, while Santalum is pure fresh, green, earthiness.

The Detox Market

Agent Nateur is stocked only at The Detox Market and they’ve been killing it with their skincare releases this year. Holi(Water) is a must-try that beauty bloggers have been raving about, super hydrating and supposedly addictive, while Holi(Oil) is one of our favorite face oils, known for high-quality single-sourced oils, housed in a cool white glass bottle that gives just a tease of the golden oil inside when exposed to sunlight.

Ayuna Less Is Beauty is kind of the sleeper hit of the year, which you might have seen throughout social media for their super minimal packaging and branding. They seem endlessly interesting with a price point that is otherwise quite prohibitive at regular price, so definitely use this opportunity to try some. We would start with a travel kit which seems like a good opportunity to try multiple creams in the line – Amma for those with normal to oily skin, and Amma II for those with normal to drier skin.

The Detox Mode is the in-house line of The Detox Market, and we’re recent converts. Everything just feels so functional and pleasurable. Altogether Oil is multipurpose, for face, hair, and/body — this of it as the oil version of Dr. Bronners, while the Happening Scrub leaves skin baby soft after rinsing off in the shower and smells like it was blended by an herbalist-acupuncturist.

Ultimately, Credo and The Detox Market overlap about 70% of their offering so it’s really which retailer you prefer but we hope this list was helpful in guiding you to some great picks to take advantage of the sales!


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