2 Days in London: Jet Lag Essentials

It’s been over a month since an update and we’ve been swamped over here, first with the fashion month and then meetings that took place from Europe through to Asia. On the flip side, look forward to a lot of travel-related content coming up.

First are 5 products that were absolutely critical for me during a 3 day stay in London. Between the travel, jet lag and meetings, I found myself feeling tired, restless and in need of a pick-me-up past midnight in my hotel room so I dove into my beauty stash and broke out only the best, most decadent products to pamper my skin.

Masking to me is synonymous with self-care, and Susanne Kaufmann’s Moisturizing Mask comes ready to go as a luscious cream that intensively moisturizes skin with actual honey, hazel seed oil and beeswax to really lock in moisture. Leave on for 10-15 minutes then wash off, no need for an extra cleanser as this works as a cold cream cleanser.

Then, on bare skin, break off Royal Fern’s Phytoactive Antioxidant Ampoule. It’s highly concentrated and immediately goes to work on stressed skin, especially when the skin has been exposed to pollution or UV. Antioxidants scavenge free radicals that are set off by sun exposure (airplanes) and pollution (city life), so this is a necessity for travel. The fluid has some bounce and texture to it which delivers more hydration than expected and the scent is really fresh. You really feel it start to tone and tighten skin as it disappears within seconds on the skin. And the ampoules are so small yet powerful that they can be packed for any occasion and come to the rescue when needed. 

Now that your skin is fresh and toned, it’s primed for a serum, enter YÜLI Ambrosia Beauty Nectar. Dispense 3 full pumps to soak skin in the nutrient-rich, hydrating nectar made from gorgeous organic plant extracts (blood orange, anyone?), and advanced anti-aging cosmeceuticals like Swiss growth factors, placenta extract, and 18 variants of hyaluronic acid that actually penetrate skin to rebuild, deeply hydrate and plump skin (it actually restores volume lost from aging).

Finish the routine with NUORI Supreme Moisture Mask which can be worn as an overnight mask/moisturizer. Super soothing, breathable but brilliant at its job of moisturizing skin with rose and grape water (soothing heavenly scent), and squalane. Relief is felt the moment this creamy mask touches jet-lagged and deprived skin.

And to help you actually get to bed, I’ve been traveling with REN’s & Now to Sleep Pillow Spray and have become OBSESSED. It’s such a relaxing and calming blend of essential oils (hops, lavender, and frankincense). Although I’m not a huge user of aromatherapy products, this has produced deeper, more restful sleep 💤 and smells soooo nice 😴. Besides my hotel pillows, I’ve started spraying it during flights to help make international trips most restful and it’s worked wonders. Also, the packaging makes me happy which helps me remember to use it – and that’s basically the point of all of this, isn’t it?



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