Interview with Sarah Koszyk, MIJA co-founder & Silicon Valley Dietitian Nutritionist

MIJA came to us at an interesting time in the heyday of 2019, when concepts like the pandemic and social-distancing were merely rarely used words. MIJA launched with just one product, Superstar, an all-in-one supplement, that was quite a gutsy proposition when the growing market for wellness was introducing powders, tinctures, and herbs left and right. In their first year…


Our Summer to Fall 2021 Essentials

Transitional seasons are tough. On one hand, we’re saying a slow goodbye to the tried and true, and on the other, we’re ushering in new products in the hopes that they turn into something meaningful. For our Summer to Fall 2021 selections, it might be obvious we’re still basking in the sun, yet have moisture on our minds. From a…


Skincare Catchup: Spring 2020 Quarantine Edition

How’s everyone doing? As an introvert, this period of self-distancing hasn’t hit me particularly hard as it’s given me a chance to catch up on books, Netflix, and all the shows I’ve been meaning to watch. As an avid beauty junkie, I’ve been using this downtime to basically treat every day as though it was my Sunday self-care day. Here’s…


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