Sundays at Home

Greetings lovely readers! It’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve been working a lot on the writing side, which is great, but it has limited the time I have to write on here. I thought I’d check-in with a quick chill Sunday at home routine.


Firstly, let’s just get the tech out of the way. As an admittedly non-techie person, I fell into the Apple ecosystem because everything just works simply. When the iPad first came out, I thought “who would get that?” But it’s been the perfect device for lounging around the house. Whether I’m filling a sudden curious urge to check something on Wikipedia, or going through emails, the bigger display is way more comfortable, without feeling as tied down as a laptop.

Since working from home with my partner, the value of a pair of headphones is not to be underestimated. I love my podcasts, and the 2nd generation Airpods do the trick for easy, seamless listening when connected to my iPad’s podcast app. It also lets me do things around the house without having to bring my tech with me.


Now the beauty products. I am both minimal and holistic on Sundays, meaning I like going pretty bare but also think about what my skin has gone through lately. And I’ve felt that I haven’t really enjoyed a nice hydrating lotion type of mask in a while. So when I discussed this with the team at Garçon’s, they recommended Grown Alchemist Age-Repair Gel Masque.

The Age-Repair Gel Masque a nice white gel-cream that applies smooth and clear, leaving a hydrating film. I love the fresh sensation it gives every time, it’s like a burst of botanicals that wake up the skin. On Sundays, I apply it more on the thick side so that you can see the white lotion sitting on my skin. This lets me wear it for longer. I haven’t used it enough to note if the age-repair results occur, but I do feel the Age-Repair Gel Masque’s formula incredibly high in antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins which make my skin feel wonderful and refreshed afterward.


I’ve been watching a lot of Selling Sunset recently, and one thing I’ve noticed is how well their lips look even with very minimal makeup. It’s always been one of my goals as my lips are very prone to chapping.

So when YÜLI recently relaunched their Cellular Lip Conditioner with a new and improved packaging and formula (100% food grade and made from ingredients grown on their farm), I knew I had to try. Unlike balms that coat the lips, this works like a serum that penetrates deeper, provides nutrients, and repairs and heals the lips. I have to say, this new version is leaps and bounds better than before. The applicator is smooth and luxurious, and the bottle is a nicely dense and weighty in a very luxurious way. The formula also feels silkier, and more lasting in nourishing the skin. My lips responded from the first use. I think Cellular Lip Conditioner is it, for getting that off-duty, minimal, perfect bare lip look.

To finish, I’ve been loving Rituel De Fille’s Lip Sheers which not only have beautiful natural ingredients, but also have seriously inspired colors. Their pigments seem more vivid and saturated than most green brands I’ve tried, and the lip sheer also applies very buttery, sort of like Kjaer Weis. I’m currently using Narcissus, which is described as a ‘neutral peach’ because it’s really quite universal. A light application gives the “your lips but better” look, and a heavier application gives a nice coverage that’s never too loud. Layering Cellular Lip Conditioner under (which was developed with makeup artists), and this lip sheer’s wear time even increases, and feels more silky.

That’s my short and sweet Sunday routine, please share yours!


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