Our Summer to Fall 2021 Essentials

Transitional seasons are tough.

On one hand, we’re saying a slow goodbye to the tried and true, and on the other, we’re ushering in new products in the hopes that they turn into something meaningful. For our Summer to Fall 2021 selections, it might be obvious we’re still basking in the sun, yet have moisture on our minds. From a deep golden face oil, to phytoactive serums, and our running favorite Byredo, here are our favorites.

The Perfume that evokes a 1920s Parisian Fruit StandByredo Bal D’Afrique

Yes, we’ve talked about Byredo’s Bal D’Afrique plenty of times (here, here, and here). But the editorial fruit and floral notes inspired by Paris in the 1920s perfect touch on the fleeting freshness of summer, and nostalgia of fall. That is what makes Bal D’Afrique just a versatile winner. This genderless perfume tells stories, weaves effortlessly into narratives, and always elevates the wearer.

Sunshine in a BottleKjaer Weis The Beautiful Oil

Kjaer Weis’ The Beautiful Oil isn’t just a grand beauty to behold, it’s quite literally sunshine in a bottle. In addition to rejuvenating rosehip seed oil, and moisturizing, soothing sweet almond oil, there is the transformative “Root of Light.” The ‘Root of Light,’ scientifically known as dioscorea batatas, is a type of yam-like root that contains an extremely high concentration of “light ether.” What you need to know, is that this deeply sun-drenched beautiful oil absolutely illuminates, and nourishes the skin. The Beautiful Oil feels fresh and light on the skin. Yet it sinks, and melts like butter. It’s pure luxury, and feeds the skin with vitamins, antioxidants, and herbs that support the skin’s natural growth processes. And the beautiful glass bottle is a striking sight to behold.

Your ingestible skincareThe Nue Co. Skin Filter

Skin Filters aren’t just a game changing technology used in social media apps anymore. The Nue Co.’s Skin Filter is a 100% natural skincare supplement in pill form. Skin Filter improves sun damage, pigmentation, breakouts and blur impurities in just sixty days. In layman’s terms, the way this gentle yet consistent working ingestible works is through a patented blend of Vitamin C, Zinc, Champagne Grape Extract, and Melon Extract that boosts elasticity, brightens skin luminosity, and fades pigmentation. In our own use, skin even felt tighter, and firmer around the jawline and nasolabial fold. This is no doubt due to the potency of their Vitamin C targeting the skin’s collagen production. A wonderful add-on between summer and fall, to reverse sun damage and pigmentation.

Phytoactives to the rescueRoyal Fern Phytoactive Serum

When travel opens back up again, we need to schedule an appointment at Dr. Timm Golueke, founder of Royal Fern. Not only are Royal Fern creations highly scientific, and refined, they just feel so clean and fresh. The Phytoactive Serum contains the highest concentration of Royal Fern special sauce, the Royal Fern Complex. Specifically, this is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory complex with the brand’s namesake Fern Extract. Indeed, this Fern Extract is a powerhouse on its own as it is shown to inhibit the breakdown of collagen, protect against pollution, inhibit melanin production, and regenerate the skin. Additionally, you’ll find hyaluronic acid and Acerola Cherry that helps to hydrate the skin, and enhance brightening results even more. The Phytoactive Serum is a wake-up call for tired, devitalized skin. Especially with its fresh, green fern scent, and soothing anti-inflammatories, it’s that perfect hit after long transitional summer to fall days.

An all-in-one Gel MaskGrown Alchemist Age Repair Gel Masque

Because many of us are still in work-from-home mode where morning, and evening routines become a mere suggestion. Grown Alchemist’s Age Repair Gel Masque is that miracle all-in-one product that maximizes even the most minimalists’ routine. This lotion textured gel mask is formulated with amino protein peptides, pomegranate antioxidants, humectant hyaluronic acid and polysaccharides, immune-supporting Echinacea, and Green Tea extract. It really addresses all the things one would want a mask to address. The light lotion texture is easy to apply, and an absolute pleasure as it instantly cools on contact. The fresh scent feels crisp and clean. And the result is very rested, hydrated, supple, happy skin. Purifying, and cooling for summer, there is still much to love as we head into colder weather as the mask is also hydrating, firming, and nourishing. Simply can’t go wrong.


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