LeBron James Day in the Life: What We Learned

Confession: we’ve been powering through the LeBron day-in-the-life series that was originally aired during the 2014 playoff season. If you’re into wellness, you’ll probably get our obsession with this behind the scenes look into a day in the life of LeBron James’ pre-playoffs preparation.While spending the entire day focused on training and meals probably isn’t realistic for most of us, there are a couple takeaways we can all learn from:

Photo Credit: LeBron James Instagram

7 AM Pilates Session – Photo Credit: LeBron James Instagram

  • Varied workouts: LeBron goes from one workout to another, forcing his body to adapt while targeting each area. From pilates to performance recovery back to pilates to aqua conditioning to boxing and finally back to the performance recovery lab, LeBron is proof that diverse, targeted workouts are the way to go. Speaking of..
  • Real men do pilates: As intense as his workouts can be, seeing LeBron start his day on a reformer is justification enough that pilates does wonders. In fact many athletes including the Washington Redskins and Pittsburgh Steelers incorporate pilates to improve flexibility, dexterity, balance, alignment and strength.
  • Juicing is legit: “Take the ginger first then you chase it with berry” – spoken like a man who has it figured out. The only breaks LeBron seems to take between workouts are juice breaks where he’s seen chugging green juices and concentrated superfood shots.
  • Workouts are better with friends: Be like LeBron, working out with your friends makes it more fun and keeps you engaged. At the very least, your buddies help keep you accountable for actually showing up (a problem we doubt LeBron has).
  • Take time to rest & recover: Contrary to what the guys getting their #swole on at the gym will yell at you, it isn’t about going “beast mode” every time you step into the gym. Seeing a dominant player like LeBron take mindful stretches and rehab in the evening is proof that these moments of self-care are just as important for performance.

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