Source: Gui Costa for Men’s Fitness

Here’s the deal: exercise is great and it is important for good skin health too. However, working out can also mess with your skin and we’ve consulted skin guru Adam P, also known as The Green Derm, for tips on keeping skin in top shape for each type of work out.


Many fitness experts swear by the additional benefits that working outdoors in fresh air has toward overall health. One drawback is UV exposure which accelerates skin aging and can lead to skin cancer.

“Preventive care is most important for dealing with UV. It’s incredibly difficult to reverse the damage but not hard to shield skin from getting damaged in the first place.” says The Green Derm, “a good SPF over 30+ is recommended. If you’re sweating, I’d consider a sunscreen that absorbs into skin and has better staying power. Wearing a baseball cap or just working out in a shaded area will help too.”


s1684729-main-LheroShiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 50+ is a broad spectrum, quick absorbing product that withstands sweat and water for 80 minutes with ample protection.


“Chronic runners have distinctive features that are easily recognizable by accelerated sagging and a loss of volume in the cheeks.” The Green Derm defines this category as those who run over 30 miles a week. So what’s the solution? “The sagging caused by gravity occurs because the collagen is breaking down so use skincare products that either reinforce collagen or stimulate collagen production. Look for products that contain retinols, Vitamin C and peptides.”


9239-LCArcona Peptide Hydrating Complex features peptides & retinols that work to renew skin and rebuild collagen. Best applied before bed as retinols can make skin more sensitive to sunlight.


“Gyms can be a hotbed of bacteria activity ranging from machines not being wiped down properly to excess moisture in locker rooms. This can cause irritation when contact with skin occurs leading to redness, inflammation, or even acne.” So what should we do? “Avoid touching your face during workouts and bring your own towel from home that you know is clean. Wipe hands with an anti-bacterial hand sanitizer after workouts and then tone your face with an anti-microbial face spray.”


AESOP Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash is an evaporative gel that kills bacteria. Fragranced with mandarin orange and lavender and packaged in a pocketable companion sized tube.


“Those who swim daily tend to have dry skin and hair due to the chlorine. I recommend buying one moisturizing product that goes onto hair and skin immediately after getting out of the water. For the hair this can be a leave-in treatment or a conditioner that can be rinsed off. For skin, a good lotion rich in essential fatty acids and ceramides is key.”


yarok_feed-your-moisture-masque_grandeYarok Feed Your Moisture Masque is our pick to protect hair from the stripping effects of chlorine in pool water due to its intensely moisturizing and restorative conditioning qualities thanks to the inclusion of coconut cream, aloe vera, & harvested seaweed.

Source: Gui Costa for Men's Fitness

Source: Gui Costa for Men’s Fitness


“Classes where you might share equipment can increase the chance of going into contact with more germs. Bring an anti-bacterial wipe (many studios hand them out too) or a good sanitizing spray before using mats and weights. Further if you have sensitive skin prone to flushing, avoid bikram yoga where heat may be a part of the workout as it can exacerbate inflammation.”


intelligent_nutrients_hand_sanitizer_1Intelligent Nutrient’s Certified Organic Sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs and uses safe, gentle, chemical-free, plant based ingredients so you don’t have to worry about any harm from this organic spray.


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