A Few Winter Skincare Highlights from London

Greetings from London and happy 2018! I thought that with a new year should come a post on the new products that I’ve been using regularly to get through Winter. The Agent Nateur N ° 3 DEODORANT is somewhat of a rediscovery. While our GW staff has a full review on the original Agent Nateur deodorant (read here), this remained…


Review: Agent Nateur holi(man) N°5 Deodorant

There is no natural deodorant brand with a larger cult following or that has broken through to as high-end of a clientele as Agent Nateur. We covered their original superstar deodorant that put them on the map figuratively speaking, and literally into the bathrooms and gym bags of celebrities and influencers en masse. When Agent Nateur released a unisex version…



Choosing the right products to take home for holidays can spell the difference between being noticeably put together or looking like a hot mess. There’s a lot to consider: changes in climate, holiday food intake, parties, travel and all that comes with catching up with family and friends. Here are a few things I packed for my trip from London…


Cupping Therapy, The Newest Trend at the Olympics

Source: AP PHotos As a former NCAA athlete in college, I recall the pressure to perform at the absolute best to the point that metrics used to measure movements required advanced NASA type physiological tools that analyzed the efficiency of each movement. Before every meet we would go into lock down mode where everything we ate was carefully planned weeks…


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