Travel Skincare Essentials: China Trip

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In case you’re not following our Instagram (which we highly recommend!), one of our team members recently went to China. As major fans of travel essentials, of course we had to share.

Traveling is the perfect opportunity to bring along those samples & travel sized products. Here’s a a look at some of the products packed:

Beijing is dry & polluted, so keeping skin properly hydrated and tuned is essential. Enter LeMieux Moisture Infusion Mask with pure hyaluronic acid and marine collagen that injects LIFE back into skin – seriously delivers results EACH time: skin looks firmer, brighter, more even toned and younger, would use this EVERY day if possible. Their pure hyaluronic serum is great for days when going without the mask to add in moisture, close in the evenings with the Bio Cell Rejuvenating Cream that contains peptides and plant oils to stimulate cell turnover.

GLOSSIER Super Pure is perfect for days where the pollution aggravates skin (and those days are plentiful), this is calming and brings everything back to a manageable condition. Super Bounce is a MUST between cleansing and moisturizing to give skin that boost in suppleness that is so rare to naturally get (thus highly desirable) in Beijing.

Weleda Almond Soothing Face Lotion is super gentle and meant for times where the last thing irritated skin subjected to pollution wants is more actives to figure out. Put this on after Super Pure and wake up to rebalanced skin. Kat Burki Hibiscus Antioxidant Face Mask is clay based and absolutely a savior when it comes to getting pollution (smog, smoke, debris) out of pores and keeping skin clear without any dryness. Aesop Skincare Resurrection Rinse-free hand wash is always handy because you’ll need to make sure your hands are clean here, and if we’re being honest – having this on hand makes us feel a tiny bit fancier each time it’s whipped out.

At night when something more nutritive is desired finish with either Lancome‘s Overnight Recovery Sleeping mask as a deep moisturizer or Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins. The former is from Lancome’s recently released energy collection and is almost like a high-end vaseline jelly texture that melts into skin, immediately easing any dryness. The latter is an Origins staple and feels like an orange multivitamin in cream form for skin to digest nightly.

Of course, sometimes even with all this preparation – skin just needs to look more elevated especially if you’re doing something like attending an Omega Event in Shanghai or at the DIESEL show. In these cases, the Dior Hyra Life BB Cream is a true life saver. It blurs imperfections and instantly improves the appearance of skin like a real life Snapchat filter (the one with the flower crowns). The coverage matches the power found in many foundations and the SPF 30 makes this quite a powerhouse all-in-one. We’d call this a desert island essential but in actuality it’s a shoo-in for travel essential when real estate is limited and high performance, multitasking is preferred.

What do you pack when you travel?  


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