There is never a better time than now to Spring clean your skin. I just received Clinique’s new Fresh Pressed Vitamin C System and I cherry picked the best products to accompany this intensive skin brightening treatment.

Vitamin C is excellent at reducing fine lines and pigmentation whilst brightening the skin. But, it’s also unstable when applied topically in it’s best form, ascorbic acid. From the time of production to it sitting on a department store shelf before eventually ending up on someone’s face, much of the benefits have deteriorated. Clinique has gotten around this by packaging the Vitamin C (pure ascorbic acid) separately to be freshly mixed at home just before the product is applied. I first came about this concept last year by Danish brand Nuori who created their Supreme-C Serum treatment that works in the same way. You can read my review here.

This is a 2-step system that I’ve been using in the evening after my first cleanse. First cleanse is with either an oil or a balm to thoroughly remove SPF, dirt and oil. Step 1. I tear open the sachet and pour it into the palm of my hand. I recommend rinsing your hands before so they are wet and the powder won’t fly away. I rub my palms together until the product becomes a thin white paste and then massage over my face and neck for a minute. Whatever is left I massage over the backs of my hands!

After rinsing I apply the serum. This is activated by clicking the button just once at the top of the tube. After mixing, I squeeze 2 drops and apply to the face and neck morning and night for the 7 days. In my case results were instant making this a great option if you want better looking skin instantly. I wouldn’t use this all the time instead I would go for the 7 day course every few months.

There are a couple of side effects to using Vitamin C. First it disrupts the skins natural barrier function making it more vulnerable to the sun. I recommend using an SPF of at least 30 everyday. I’m currently using the Clinique Mineral Sunscreen Fluid for face. Whilst your skin will be brighter and even toned it will look a little paler which you may or may not like. I apply the Clinique for Men Face Bronzer on those days when I need a bit of colour. I apply no more than a pea size to my finger and dot it over my face after moisturiser and SPF and then rub it in for an even finish.

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