The Go-To Skincare Routine for Rested Skin

We’re going to start this post off with a quick acknowledgement that routines are to us, like wardrobe. You want to change it out with the seasons, and just like your clothes, what you put on will change each day depending on how you’re feeling, the weather, and the occasions. There are cleansers we love, but don’t use every day, and there are masks that might be suitable for certain times and not for others. So while consistency is important, and we’re not advocates of unrealistically hoarding products, it is good to have a personal understanding of skin fluctuations and the products that can handle the peaks and the valleys.

This routine comes from an Sunday in, with time to experiment and play around, even color outside the lines a little.

The Non-Skin Steps

While everyone swears by shampoo and conditioner, for many guys (and those with oilier scalps), conditioner can be a difficult step. It often makes hair greasier and can imbalance the scalp. If you’re highly active, prone to sweating, and finding it challenging balancing the hair and scalp sebum levels, try going without a conditioner for a little bit during the summer. Rahua’s Classic Shampoo is good because it doesn’t have drying sulfates yet provides a nice lather, gives hair a nice cleanse, doesn’t dry out the scalp (due to nice nourishing plant oils that condition the skin), and is super gentle where it won’t sting your eyes if any should make contact.

Although we’re not really meeting people out and about in the real world, it’s no excuse not to look and feel clean, and smell plays an important part. While our fragrances are taking a temporary break, we’re turning to deodorant to keep us feeling like there’s still some level of refinement to our self-care even if we’re not stepping foot outside the door. Corpus Naturals Third Rose is beautiful for this. The brand is made by the founder of Baxters of California, who knows about scents, and formulas in deodorants. Corpus is an elevated deodorant line that uses natural ingredients without compromise to performance or luxury. Where others in the space often feel “granola” with scents that can be generously described as a mix of essential oils you’d find in the Whole Foods aisle, Corpus feels quietly groundbreaking in how they’re able to use natural ingredients to create sophisticated, multi-layered scents that are not only beautiful, but also imaginative. Third Rose is the lightest and most subtle (in our opinion) of the entire line, which smells like a nice unisex rose where the delicate floral is nicely cut with fresh Italian Mandarin, and crisp green notes. Overall it’s very subtle, yet lasting, giving that perfect wear that doesn’t make itself known to the room, but a pleasant welcome for anyone who might snuggle close.

The Skincare Steps

Abhati Suisse Shanta Rich Facial Cleanser is virtually fool-proof. When it comes to cleansers, people seem to lack common sense, some expect it to be a moisturizer (we blame the face oil-centric brands and their “OIL FOR EVERYTHING” mantra), others think cleanser is synonymous with make-up remover (it isn’t, one works on… makeup and the other on the skin). Abhati Suisse’s Shanta Cleanser is a low-foam gel cleanser that is gentle, effective, and targeted: if you want a light cleanse rinse and massage the gel to emulsify and you’re done in 20 seconds, if you’re trying to remove stubborn water-proof sunscreen and makeup, just get your hands a little wet and then start massaging this around makeup, it’ll get there. And once you’re done, you’ll notice your skin softer (thanks to AHA fruit acids).

Yuli Ambrosia Beauty Nectar is a “super serum” in the class that transcends typical serums, we’re talking with the hall of famers from Skinceuticals to Skinmedica TNS serum, and all those incredible clinical-grade, do-it-all serums that it has gradually replaced in plastic surgery centers due to more modern and impressive ingredients. What is it exactly? It’s everything your skin could want in a bottle: a hyaluronic acid serum more effective than specialized hyaluronic acid serums with over 18 different types of hyaluronic acid that can actually penetrate the skin (most are too large and just stay on skin surface), a deep hydration complex with humectants formulated in perfect ratios with the hyaluronic acid so there is moisture for it work with ensuring the HA is effective and truly beneficial, high-dosage antioxidants different from just being “antioxidants from botanicals” but rather formulated as pharmaceutical-grade direct antioxidant-actives like the isolate of the longevity antioxidant found in seaweed that helps the skin to continue producing healthy, youthful cells as it ages (countering the aging process in the which body’s ability to produce youth, healthy cells decline), and a plant derived serum meant to mimic the amniotic sac fluid with nutrients for the skin and hydration. All that before we’ve even covered half of the breathtaking actives.

La Mer Revitalizing Serum is a serum that might appeal to you if you’re a fan of La Mer, and especially their signature “miracle broth” as this has one of the higher concentrations of the active (much higher than what’s available in their most popular moisturizer, Creme de La Mer). At the time it was released, this was considered excellent and it still feels luxurious with the weighty bottle, but compared to newer entrants like the aforementioned Ambrosia Beauty Nectar by Yuli, it is no longer as compelling.

Supernal Cosmic Glow Face Oil is goooorrrgeeeeous. Face oils aren’t new, by now, we’ve all at least tried them. We’re fans, but it can get repetitive. But this feels original, different, and interesting. It feels great on the skin, with a nice texture that is among our favorites, it smells like a luxurious niche product, in that detailed, high-quality way. Wonderful mix of plant oils like sacha inchi, marula, blue tansy, chamomile, baobab, and cranberry seed that give this omega-rich oil its beautiful deep plant-green color. We’re quite smitten with this one.

Indie Lee Daily Skin Nutrition, an oil-rich, nourishing moisturizer. This stands out because it’s also silicone-free for when silicone is not really needed and you just want fresh skin. Squalane, olive, avocado oils all give skin that nourished feel, while rosehip oil, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E actively work on the skin for brightening and antioxidant protection. During the summer, we don’t need too much moisturizer, but just one good full pump is enough especially when first applied onto the persistently dry areas. Despite the oils, this is fast absorbing and won’t likely cause any heaviness or oiliness later on in wear.

Youth to the People Eye Cream has been talked about many times here. It’s a nice cream for the eyes. The formula contains superfoods like Kale, and peptides, but most of all it’s just a comfortable weight that spreads easily and evenly. There’s something to be said for products that just work and feel nice, this is it. Is it the most advanced eye cream out there? No. But it’s good, and reliably performs, your eyes will be happy, and at just $35 (for an EYE CREAM), so will your bank account.

REN Ultra Comforting Evercalm Mask, is so versatile, it’s surprising. This is a nice creamy mask that is deeply moisturizing, and beyond that, the ingredients, from inflammation-blocking white mushroom extract to redness reducing arnica, are so soothing and relaxing. As the name suggests, it is so comforting on the skin whether you apply a light thin layer that can double as moisturizer if you’re lazy, or go more intensive with creating a white-cast on your skin, you’ll feel your skin calm down and rehydrate. If you know you should get a mask, but don’t know where to start, this is the perfect choice. And if you’re looking for an intensive moisturizer you can wear at home all day like a mask, this is perfect for you.

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