Summer Weekend with F. Miller & Byredo

When it comes to routines, there are those that are complicated and nuanced, and then there are those that are decidedly functional and minimal. Our mantra for the last summer long weekend of a strange, unsettling year is, in the words of Kathy Hilton on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, “who are we trying to impress?” It’s all about self-comfort. Following this, we’ve pared down a simple, yet high quality routine. A juicy face mist, a quality face oil, and a low-key, versatile scent are what we’re using. We chose products from F. Miller skincare and Byredo, which are aesthetic marvels in effortlessly connected minimal, and modern design. Plus, they absolutely shine in sun-filled spaces.

F.Miller Toning Mist

F. Miller organic products are the perfect fusion of un-fussy simplicity, and premium quality. The Toning Mist and Face Oil is a pared-down, yet thorough pairing that adds hydration under a finishing oil to lock in all the goodness. Toning Mist is lush, and beautiful. It looks and feels like the most hydrating drink of water for the skin. The mist is super light, providing that right touch of hydration that the skin drinks with abandon.

The ingredients include soothing florals like Rose water, Calendula water, Immortelle Water, and Lavender Water, with nutrient-dense extracts of Green Tea, Yarrow, Nettle, and Horsetail. With these ingredients, it’s no wonder the Toning Mist feels like pure luxury on the skin. As expected from the rose and flower water base, the Toning Mist has a light, floral scent. It’s one of our favorites due to the subtle, yet pleasing nature that always lulls us into an extra spray or two to enjoy the lingering scent just a while longer.

F.Miller Face Oil

Once the skin is nice and dampened from the Toning Mist, then go in with the Face Oil. F.Miller’s Face Oil is both simple, and understated, yet complex and multi-purpose in its formula. While face oils have become more common, this one feels unique and special. It smells extremely fresh, and green, balanced by a verdant clean neroli and bergamot. This happens to layer on really well with the soothing, light floral of the Toning Mist. And it makes the fresh botanical nature of both products more pronounced.

F.Miller prioritizes ingredients, and it’s obvious in this nutritionally-dense, beautiful face oil. The light textured, fast absorbing face oil makes the skin come alive and radiant, deeply nourishes, yet also seems to keep the skin clear and pores clarified. It also makes the skin feel softer, plumper, and just generally happier. If you’re going to go minimal, this exquisite, premium quality golden face oil is going to deliver splendidly.

Byredo Bal D’Afrique

We have thoroughly documented our longstanding love affair with Byredo’s Bal D’Afrique on here (here, and here). Needless to say, Byredo’s most iconic, classic fragrance has us hooked. But, why remain with Bal D’Afrique during the summer long weekend? Because it’s the perfect pick for unfussy, yet delightful days. Bal D’Afrique has a rich and lush scent when its juice first touches the skin. It’s akin to a luxury take on a Parisian fruit stand that becomes a bubbly effervescent fruit cocktail. As the scent dries down, the cream milky, and woody notes pop. Perhaps our love comes down to how multifaceted Bal D’Afrique is: there is something universally appealing in the crisp citrus and clean florals, with a dash of the unexpected in bright, lively peaches and figs, all in a sophisticated package. This is the perfect go-anywhere, or just stay-at-home fragrance.



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