Summer 2019: Skincare Regulars

This summer has been an abundance of new and old products in our rotation. We lined up some of our favorites, old and new, to share with you:


YÜLI Halcyon (Limited Rose Edition): A private collection version of their holy grail cleanser known for its gentleness and efficacy, this is a summer-time limited run release that features roses sourced from pristine rose gardens that have never been used for commercial purposes. YÜLI is known for making products defined by their exceptional performance and this private edition feels like their answer to anyone doubting they can nail execution on the pleasurable experience front too if they wanted to.

Simply one of the best skin care products we’ve put on our face, this feels like massaging skin with fresh roses every morning and night (and no essential oils means it maintains the gentleness), their initial run of 500 units sold out a day after release but sign up for the waitlist if you’re interested in grabbing one when/if they do another run.

Luzern Labs L’Essentials Balancing Tonic: (reviewed here) One of our favorite toning essences, the balancing tonic with glacial water and pore-purifying willow bark and witch hazel extract is especially beneficial for summer skin to keep sebum production in check and breakouts at bay.

We still can’t figure out why but it manages to always elicit an immediate reaction with every use, giving it that flushed appearance that comes from increased circulation and really powerful toning.

Susanne Kaufmann Nutrient Concentrate: This was one of those products we’ve wanted to get in for a long time. It’s the quintessential serum in the beautiful Susanne Kaufmann range and contains hyaluronic acid, retinol, niacinamide, and vitamin c, along with soothing plant oils including marigold and thistle, thus earning it the moniker “nutrient concentrate”.

It’s an amalgamation of all the nutrients one could want for their skin and applies as a silken water-based serum that should be used as a special treatment. Like all Susanne Kaufmann products, the way this product feels and smells has a real luxury-spa feel that is especially refreshing after travel or just a long day.

Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum: What hasn’t been said about this oil? We’ll add onto the legion of cult worship – this face oil is absolutely well made. It smells like something an Upper East Side socialite keeps on her vanity: rich, floral, elegant and gorgeous with a mix of rose, jasmine, and citrus. It has the perfect texture and a solid balance to satisfy all skin types. Apply this in the evening after a long day out with friends and you’ll be feeling like a trust fund baby who summers.

Royal Fern Phytoactive Anti-aging Cream: After years of serums dominating the skincare conversation, moisturizers are making a come back. This cream from Royal Fern is light yet packs quite a nutritional punch, it contains 1% Royal Fern complex (highly antioxidant and anti-inflammatory), hyaluronic acid, retinol, and Acerola Cherry derived Vitamin C. The scent of green ferns is really fresh, crisp and unisex, and perfect for jetlag. It’s nice to have a moisturizer that also does some heavy lifting to supplement serums and this one really makes sure skin is never left wanting more.


Dr. Jackson’s Face and Eye Essence: Technically an essence but versatile as a light summer moisturizer, with the nutritional content of a serum which makes this a perfect product. It’s a nice gel texture that sinks into the skin immediately with a beautiful rose and orange flower scent. It also works as an eye serum with a nice smooth glide that won’t pull around the eyes. Aloe Vera, Kigelia Flower, and natural Vitamin C help to brighten dark undereye circles and really give skin that “glow up”.

Odacite Ba+S Eye Contour With Rollerball: Oil-based eye serums were not something that drew our interest. But then this little gem came along with its rollerball applicator and a plethora of 16 organic oils, and it won us over. The 16 oils are designed to be highly nutritive for the delicate skin around the eye contour. Baobab, Sarsaparilla, Palmerosa, Neroli, Lavender are high in vitamin A, E, and F and plant sterols to target the signs of aging around the eyes, including smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, as well as dark circles. The cooling rollerball applicator helps with circulation and depuffing the eyes.


Odacite Adventurine Kiss Lip Serum: A Vitamin C and CoQ10 enriched lip oil with a gemstone applicator? Count us in. Some early reviews online actually thought this serum was too active, and we could definitely feel some tingling with the initial application which felt like the point of a serum. It doesn’t have that thick vaseline-like coating effect because again, it’s a serum but lips always looked better and healthier after applying.


Immunocologie Body Serum: Skin is more exposed during the summer and body oils are best at providing that layer of concentrated nutrients and protection. We’ve raved about this before (here, here), for good reason. This is one of the lightest yet deeply nourishing body oils we’ve used. It smells herbaceous, in a good way, and is an alluring golden color thanks to a mix of date oil, plant resins, and their vital clay complex. This contains actual clay extract which infuses skin with minerals and also ensures the oil is never greasy.

Soleil Toujours SPF 30 Mist: Sunscreens for the face are about a dime a dozen, but people rarely talk about sun protection for the body which can be even more exposed to sun damage. Physical blockers don’t really work because it just rubs off everywhere and what remains ends up being chalky and sticky. And chemical ones are pumped full of artificial fragrance and unstable ingredients that even pose a significant risk to the respiratory system.

Enter this organic mist made from 70% organic ingredients that offer broad-spectrum protection. Also in the ingredients? Aloe vera, green tea, cucumber and a plethora of botanical antioxidants that takes care of the skin while protecting it. The micro-mist is virtually weightless with a very subtle scent that comes from the natural ingredients in the formula. Summer must-have.


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