Masks that Elevate Your Self-Care

Every person I’ve ever known who has great skin swears by masking. When I was a teenager, the guy working at Kiehl’s told me that masks are made with the most concentrated ingredients that they do their job in 20 minutes and have to be washed off because they’re too powerful. While I don’t think that statement is necessarily right, it does highlight the prevalent idea that masks can do so much in such little time.

I think masks are for the true skincare junkies, those who will dedicate time and forgo convenience to sit out a part of their weekend or evening to apply creams, gels or otherwise goop on their skin that’s rinsed off before an episode of Schitt’s Creek is over. That’s why they’re the centerpiece of our self-care routine, they force you to set all else aside and just luxuriate.

While there are many types of masks from the science adventure of powder masks to the sci-fi effects of sheet masks, we went to the classics by rounding up the current ready-masks in our rotation, a who’s who of the most satisfying creams and gel textured masks.

Let’s start with the green queen, Tata Harper’s masks. We have the OG hero product – Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask, a Beta-hydroxy acid and enzyme mask that feels like applying a light summer fruit jam and leaves skin feeling fresh and glowy. Now if you want something that is less resurfacing and glow-getting, and more detoxification for oilier or acne-prone skin, the Tata Harper Purifying Mask with kaolin clay, white clay and yogurt probiotics is both gentle yet impactful. The clay mask stays creamy on skin without drying out and smells really fresh and herbal in that signature Tata Harper way yet still retain the clay’s ability to suck all the bad gunk out of pores.

For the fair skinned and fragile, REN’s Evercalm Ultra Comfort Rescue Mask is a godsend. A creamy salve that instantly soothes skin and extinguishes inflammation, from a mix of nourishing shea butter, mushrooms and probiotics that “rescue” skin, we’re partial to using this after traveling or to close a stressful day to keep skin from acting up.

If moisture is what you’re looking for, we have a couple of options. For those on the oilier side (and acne prone, larger pores, etc.), Aēsop’s Blue Chamomile facial Hydrating Masque is the perfect mask in a light, breathable gel texture that won’t clog pores but will give skin that drink of water. This is also the ideal moisture mask for men (because it can’t just be clay masks, my guy), who tend to have more active sebum glands and larger pores and the fresh, crisp, unisex scent (which feels so nice after a long flight) is a plus.


If heavy-hitting moisture is more your speed, you’re in luck because we have two beautiful, clean, organic masks. Nuori is from Denmark, and when it comes to moisture, we trust Scadanavian formulas. NUORI Supreme Moisture Mask is great for all skin types as it uses grape and rose waters, as well as hydration restoring hyaluronic acid and nourishing squalene. The formula uses so many good ingredients that you can actually leave it on as an overnight mask, which is perfect if you’re the type who slathers on a creamy mask and crawls into bed to fire up Netflix. Even the next morning, skin never feels dry, nor dehydrated.

Susanne Kaufmann’s Moisturizing Mask is likewise informed by their surroundings, in this case – the alps of Austria where the namesake owner’s family has their own wellness-focused hotel. This moisture-rich cream is everything that dry and dehydrated skin needs. It wouldn’t be surprising if Alps skiers used this as a post-run treatment because the ingredients, such as fatty acids, are simultaneously moisturizing and soothing. Besides working flawlessly on its own, SK actually recommends mixing with a serum (oil, hyaluronic acid, etc.) for even more purposely benefits making it the perfect quick yet customizable treatment facial.


Have you tried any of these masks? Let us know your favorites, and also drop a comment if there is a mask that you love.




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