Review: the Necessaire Body Edit

Necessaire is a body care brand that’s always produced understated, yet sophisticated products. Their formulas are clean, and well-considered, and their packaging has little innovative tweaks for both usability and sustainability, such as a powerful spring-loaded pump in their body serum, and a pleasing in-place twist cap on their body wash.

We’ve been using solely Necessaire body care products in our shower this past summer, and here are our thoughts:

Necessaire The Body Wash — a very standard, nice feeling gel form body wash that lathers well, cleans well, and is gentle on the skin. Although this might feel no frills, the formula does everything with the perfect touch from the cleansing and lather power, to the way it leaves the skin soft, never stripped. Available in various scents like Eucalyptus, Sandalwood, Bergamot, or Fragrance-Free, we’d opt for any of the scent selections which are very subtle, yet add a sensorial-quality to the experience.

What makes it special: A gel body wash at first glance, this formula is actually an oil-in-gel cleanse that provides nutrients including omega 6, 9, niacinamide, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E to improve the skin. We used it every day after workouts, and it’s worked effortlessly and reliably.

Necessaire The Body Exfoliator — a twice or thrice a week deeper body treatment with bamboo charcoal and volcanic pumice to get rid of stubborn dead skin cells, and provide a good dose of exfoliation to keep the skin clear and healthy. We love this for adding a kick to spruce up our body regimen when the skin feels a little laggard, or dull. It’s also effective against the formation of dry, rough patches.

What makes it special: The relatively gentle nature of this exfoliator hides the fact that beyond the physical volcanic pumice beads, there is also a complex of powerful acids including Salycilic Acid, Glycolic Acid, and Lactic Acid. Together, they help to treat the dry, rough patches, and even improve the appearance of keratosis pilaris (aka chicken skin). The formula lathers nicely, feels luxurious, and is well tolerated.

Necessaire The Body Serum — The idea of a serum for the body makes sense, it’s something active in between washing, and creams/oils that go after. This light gel formula absorbs quickly, and helps to rapidly hydrate and replenish the skin post-cleanse with hyaluronic acid, and moisture-retentive ceramides.

What makes it special: The Body Serum is comparatively very basic in the sense that there aren’t lots of bells and whistles. It’s more about doing what it does do, very well. It’s exceptionally light, reliably hydrating, and layers well under creams and oils.

All Necessaire products are great, high quality products that are designed to work with most people, including those with sensitive skin. They’ve since expanded into other areas of body care, such as hand creams, and shampoos, which we’re planning to try!


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