MŪN is a line of natural skincare products for all skin types. Created by celebrity makeup artist Munemi Imai and entrepreneur Anas Saidi.

The brand has taken a simplified approach to natural skincare by focusing on key ingredients. The oils used are well sourced thanks to co-founder Anas. Anas utilises his Moroccan heritage by cultivating relationships with local cooperatives to source the oils whilst supporting local woman’s initiatives. This is no doubt brought to life by beauty expert Munemi.

I am currently using AKNARI brightening serum which contains prickly pear seed, argan and rose flower essential oils. I’m also using ARGAN which is simply pure argan oil for the body. These oils are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and omega’s which nourish, moisturise and protect from damaging free radicals caused by pollution. AKNARI has a fine liquid-like texture. I’ve tried many face oils and I can tell this is good quality and it smells great. One pump is plenty for the entire face which I apply at night, either on it’s own or on top of retinol. Personally I can be sensitive to essential oils with a strong fragrance. This is subtle and I mostly notice the rose which feels comforting at night.

ARGAN is a generous amount of good quality pure argan oil which feels luxurious and smells very slightly of nuts. This is a multi use oil and can be used on the hair, face and body. A little goes a long way when I apply this to damp skin. It’s a perfect product all year round as it moisturises and nourishes perfectly.

If you want to add natural skincare to your regime they these are the types of products to consider. They combine well with synthetic products such as acid exoliators, retinols and serums. If you are loyal to natural and organic products then MŪN is a brand to consider. The simplified formulas contain great quality key ingredients which promote healthy, glowing skin. Lastly the packaging is great with luxurious boxes and beautiful solid black bottles. Bonus points for how the brand ships. The products arrived neatly packed into a small box just big enough for the two products.

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MŪN is available at:
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