Hair StoriesđŸ’†: Leonor Greyl Routine – Banana Shampoo, Tonic, Baby Formula

Switched out the hair routine to Leonor Greyl exclusively.
— This level of commitment is quite a lot. But Leonor Greyl’s natural, French products are worth it.
Lait Lavant a la Banane – mild shampoo for daily use. We call it the Banana shampoo. Super gentle, light sudsing, milky formula that is perfect for people who need more regular cleansing without stripping hair so the right amount of good oils carry through to the hair strands for volume and shine. And yes, this does smell like bananas and even contains plantain extract.
Tonique Vivifiant – leave-in tonic for hair vitality. Good for hair, but make no mistake, it’s a scalp tonic. Scalp tonics are so hot right now and everyone is making one. This gives it nutrients and even helps with hair loss. If your scalp is unpredictable and irritable, your hair is probably suffering as a result, and this is the product for you.
Mousse Douceur Fleurs D’Oranger – the baby head-to-toe for lazy days when one product goes all over given an upgraded, French twist with orange blossoms and violets…. Johnson & Johnson No More Tears could never.


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