In today’s post I’ve opened up my gym kit to show you my tried and tested essentials that are both stylish and practical.

I recently started back at the gym after a very long break and it feels great to be training again. I’m not one of those people to put on weight when I don’t work out, it actually has the opposite effect and I end up looking skinny which leaves me feeling unhappy with myself. I’ve been jogging for a while which is great but I see the best results when I combine the cardio with weight training. A couple of gym sessions per week with some jogging outdoors make the perfect combination for my body and mind.

1 ONLY & SON’S T-SHIRT & SHORTS The t-shirts are slightly longer in the body which is perfect as they don’t rise up when I’m stretching or using a foam roller. The shorts are also great as they have a draw string waist and zipper pockets. Zipper pockets are an essential for me when I’m jogging as I always take my i phone and this prevents it falling out and getting smashed.

2 DR JACKSON’S 01 SKIN DAY CREAM This is a great all-natural brand which means the moisturiser is lightweight, it allows my skin to breathe whilst providing SPF 20.

3 SUSANNE KAUFMANN DEODORANT STICK I only use all-natural deodorants because ingredients such as aluminum which are found in regular deodorants can be harmful. Their aren’t many effective all-natural versions but this one is excellent plus is smells great and it comes as a stick rather than a spray.

3 ASICS Trainers and perfect for running as they provide good support and the quality is always good. This is definitely my go-to workout brand.

4 SALT. EYEWEAR. These sunglasses are from their latest collection and whilst they look cool they are also great for jogging when the sun is out. These frames are super lightweight yet hold firmly in place.

5 LOUIS VUITTON KEEPALL BANDOULIERE 45. I’ve had this bag for around 4 years and it’s hardly worn even though I’ve used it so much. I often take it on weekends away, especially if I’m flying with just hand luggage. It also makes a great gym bag as it fit’s everything I need. Definitely worth the money.


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